Creating Personalization Journeys for Your Website



Tips To Create Personalization Journeys For Homebuilders Website


Online shopping experiences at their best are like shopping with an old friend. You don’t have to tell them your likes, dislikes or what you are shopping for. They know every special occasion that’s coming up on your calendar and no matter how many black dresses hang in your closet, they know that you are always going to grab the black one!

Sophisticated shopping sites like Amazon will even prompt you to sign in to deliver an optimal experience, complete with recommendations created by a complex algorithm based on your purchase history, browsing history and probably lots of other things we would cringe to find out they know about us. Shoppers are now accustomed to this level of personal attention online and while most of us don’t have the budget to create a complex algorithm like Amazon, we can adapt a few personalization strategies for our website that will be sure to wow guests. Still don’t believe it’s important or relevant? 80% of home shoppers say that they are more likely to do business with companies that offer personal experiences.

Here are the top four triggers that homebuilders can use to create personalization journeys

  1. Time of Day

The number one goal of most builder’s websites is to get a home shopper to fill out a lead form and visit a model home. But what if the model home is closed at the time of their visit? The customer won’t have the opportunity to call to set an appointment or visit. In the situation described there is too much potential to lose a perspective client between the time they are online and the pillow. With website personalization, you can create alternative experiences when home shoppers visit the model home page on your website after model home hours. For example, you could have a pop-up saying that your model is closed right now and give them a few interesting paths to take. They could schedule an appointment, view a Matterport tour of the model or you can direct them to a visualizer that would allow them to swap out countertops, paint colors, and flooring in the model home kitchen. Gated content like room visualizers are more likely to capture their attention and email address when they try to save their newly built kitchen.

  1. Number of Previous Visits

It’s downright annoying to talk to someone on several different occasions that doesn’t remember that you’ve met. By tracking how many times a visitor has visited your site, you can ensure that they don’t have to re-watch your welcome video that starts on auto-play and you can be sure to deliver content and an experience catered to someone that is a little further down the funnel. Now that’s hospitality!

  1. Visitor’s Physical Location

This is an easy one! Tracking a visitor’s physical location gives you the opportunity to deliver community information when they are within a specified distance from your model home. Instead of losing them a few pages deep on your website, you can deliver a prompt call-to-action to visit a model home that is just minutes from where they are. Meeting them literally where they are will make your website stand out above the rest!

  1. Device Type

Over 60% of online traffic comes from mobile devices and most people are aware of the importance of a mobile experience. Website personalization allows you to craft an experience that passes the fat finger test, puts the most relevant information like clicks-to-call and driving directions front and center while eliminating content that isn’t optimally delivered on a small screen.

Are personalized experiences on your wish list for 2020? Email us! BDX websites allow you to track these common triggers and our team of experts is here to help you deliver the optimal experience for every shopper on your site. Learn more about BDX websites.

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