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BDX's Program Gives Sales Valuable Demographics About A Incoming Lead


There’s a reason that the best sales coaches teach young sales professionals the value of remembering the personal details of their prospects. There are tactics to remember names, children, favorite teams and any other quirky thing that makes a person unique. Starting a sales conversation with a connection makes the entire engagement more genuine and more likely to yield results. Marketers have realized the power of personalization too and have incorporated as many personalized experiences into their website and email marketing. What if we could tell you that you could use the power of personalization on every sales lead you receive when you list with New Home Source? Would that pique your interest?

Consumer Optix is a program that gives your sales counselors valuable insights on every lead they receive. Imagine the possibilities of shopper engagement if you had an inside scoop on someone’s personal details like market segment, household demographic, and shopper behavior. If you aren’t sure how each of these details would impact a lead, follow along as we unpack each one.

Market Segmentation

Market segmentation is like a complete household buyer profile. lead now contains a market segment label like High Tech Affluent Couples or Single Parents. This allows you visibility into the buying behaviors, personality drivers that influence purchases, and even whether or not someone likes yoga or not. Descriptions and resources like this will help your sales counselor respond with details that are much more likely to  engage your buyer. Take for example, the high tech affluent couple who might be more interested in home automation and proximity to tech employers while the single parent would be interested in schools, playgrounds and the community vibe of the neighborhood. Keying into what is important to each buyer will create an experience that will stand above the crowd.

Household Demographics

Household demographics help you identify details like what kind of house your buyers  can afford, how many children they have living in the household as well as if they currently rent or own property. Details like this will  go a long way in helping you make suggestions for certain plans and guide the new home shopping experience. Knowing if someone has  3 or 4 children living at home could give you a pretty good idea that they will need a home in their price range with the bedroom count that will suite their family. The closer you get to present a buyer with a home that fits their lifestyle, the closer you are to the sale. A personalized experience also builds trust and can be the deciding factor that can help you make the buyer’s short list of builders that they want to work with.

Shopper Behavior

Wouldn’t you love to know how far along a buyer is in the shopping journey? Consumer Optix delivers each shoppers 6 month history on New Home Source to your inbox with every lead. You have access to  total visits, last visit, total direct leads submitted, total home views and more.

All of this valuable information is part of the Consumer Optix program from BDX, a benefit of listing your new homes and communities with BDX! We have some more good news for you. Our Consumer Optix Service Agreement allows you to gain insight on your own marketing lists, past leads, leads from other sources and more to help you answer questions like, “Who buys my homes?” If you are interested in learning more about Consumer Optix, email us at or visit us at

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