Capture Buyers With 3D Renderings

September 11, 2019 BDX

Famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright once wrote, “More and more, so it seems to me, light is the beautifier of the building.”

Known for building over 1,000 prized architectural masterpieces, Frank Lloyd Wright crafted each building to work with the natural landscaping and capture the intensity of light in every season.


Today, we don’t always have the luxury of capturing crisp, autumn light peeking through leaves of amber and gold, but we can apply this concept of light mastery to captivate the hearts of home shoppers with photo real renderings. We’ve discovered that the play of light, darkness and dramatic camera angles in renderings can drastically enhance the beauty and interest of your homes. Don’t believe us? In a recent study of new home shoppers we ran a test of photographs against rendered images and the renderings were preferred by a staggering 3:1 ratio.

The next time you are looking to showcase a home, don’t reach for the photograph of your home plopped on a blank lot, consider adding visual interest and emotion with a 3D photo real rendering of your home set with ideal lighting and landscaped to perfection. Learn more about BDX photo real renderings.



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