Calls Are King! Why Builders Can't Afford To Ignore Phone Call Leads

Call Tracking Is The Missing Piece To Your Lead Generation Program

Not so long ago, the Web form was the ultimate source of leads. We did everything to optimize the fields, the page, and entice homebuyers to fill it out. And while these webform leads are still incredibly important, we can’t ignore that shopper behavior is changing and more people are picking up the phone when they want more information.

The biggest reason for this switch is the device you might be reading this blog post on – your mobile phone. Who wants to fill out a Web form on a mobile phone (especially if you’re driving!) when it is so much more convenient to click and talk to someone immediately?

Calls convert to revenue 10-15 times more than Web leads. A BIA Kelsey study analyzing inbound calls across dozens of industries revealed that 29% of all inbound phone calls led to a sale or appointment. In comparison, data from Web leads converted at around 2%. That’s only one conversion for every 50 completed lead forms. Yet, for every 50 phone calls you receive, you would be converting 14.5 inquiries with a conversion rate of 29%. That is a staggering difference.

Most builders have multiple metrics for Web forms but can you say the same for calls received? With call volumes on the rise, shouldn’t you have the same visibility? How are your reps handling these inbound calls? How many are getting answered at all? Are phone call leads being treated like gold?

You can  get all the insight you need to answer these questions and more from BDX’s call tracking program – a free benefit when you list your homes on

Call tracking provides visibility into every call that comes in about your homes. A dedicated number is assigned and from there, you can track:

  • Total number of calls per source
  • Average calls by day
  • % of calls answered
  • % going to voicemail
  • Times calls were received
  • Date, time and call duration
  • Recordings of each call so you can listen to your reps in action – saved for up to 30 days

BDX includes call tracking as a free benefit with all listings on and what we’ve uncovered for some builders is quite shocking.

  • One builder discovered that 25% of their calls were received outside of normal business hours... our data shows that this number is not unusual and is on the rise.
  • Another builder found out that only TWO out of 45 calls in one month were answered. The rest went to voicemail or worse yet, two were hung up on before even getting to voicemail!
  • Another example – one builder discovered that their Online Sales Consultant was not only letting 95% of the calls go to voicemail but that the voicemail message requested that the consumer leave the following information – their name, date called, email, property interested in, times available for a return call, and cell #. SERIOUSLY??

We don’t mean for call tracking to be a big brother but rather a means to improve productivity and efficiency. It helps you and your staff:

  • Improve Customer Service
  • Optimize call center coaching
  • Identify the sources generating the highest volume or percentage of calls
  • Pinpoint the most effective channels
  • Build on the marketing campaigns with the highest response rates
  • Track sales conversions
  • Allocate resources in proportion to ROI

With these tools and analytics, your business gains insight into how employees handle inbound calls. You hear what prospective customers are calling about and understand their most common concerns and questions. You can also use the recordings for training and improving performance.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY – it will help you turn those highly valuable phone leads into sales.

Are you taking advantage of call tracking with your listings? Not already listing your communities with BDX? Contact us today at to learn more about and call tracking.

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Eleanor Bowman

Eleanor Bowman is currently the Director of Marketing for Builders Digital Experience (BDX). In this role, she leads the company’s B2B marketing initiatives and is passionate about helping educate home builders about the latest digital marketing and technology trends. She is a frequent contributor here on and speaks at home building events around the country on a variety of topics. Eleanor has spent over 20 years working in marketing, advertising, and public relations for companies in the technology, education, energy, and real estate industries. She is a proud Longhorn with a degree in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin.

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