Call Tracking Closes the Marketing Intelligence Gap for Home Builders



Wise marketing investments can only be made reliably and consistently with solid marketing analytics. Most home builders measure the performance of digital advertising campaigns based upon a series of metrics, such as organic visits, page views, leads generated and conversions to sales. One piece that is usually missing is tracking the transition of prospects from online to offline. How do you know when someone visits your website and then calls your sales office number and talks with one of your representatives? The answer is call tracking.

We know that inbound telephone leads are serious leads.

Calls convert to revenue 10-15 times more than Web leads. A study by BIA Kelsey [2015] confirmed that inbound calls analyzed across dozens of industries revealing that 29% of all inbound phone calls led to a sale or appointment. In comparison, data from Web leads only converted at around 2%. That’s only one conversion for every 50 completed lead forms. Yet, for every 50 phone calls you receive you would be converting 14.5 inquiries with a conversion rate of 29%. Those statistics tell us that phone calls convert more than 10 times better than inquirers completing forms on websites. That is a staggering difference.

Know where your marketing is falling short and where it’s bringing in business.

Call tracking gives you vision into every call that’s coming into your business, so you can determine if your advertising efforts are actually working for you.

BDX includes Call Tracking as a free benefit with all listings on New Home Source and Move New Homes. So how does it work? We assign a unique number to each of your listings and that number is displayed on the community and home detail pages. When a prospect dials the unique toll free number, it is routed through the call tracking service and passed through to your inbound team or office. From a home shopper’s perspective, this experience is seamless.

Call tracking is marketing intelligence for builders. It informs your marketing team about which channels are driving the most leads. It shows you what listings are working, and why. It helps you make better decisions about where to allocate marketing dollars, and how to make the most of each individual marketing investment. It’s increasingly hard to justify digital listings without being able to track performance and use these analytics.

Call tracking can help you:

  • Improve Customer Service
  • Optimize call center coaching
  • Identify the sources generating the highest volume or percentage of calls
  • Pinpoint the most effective channels
  • Build on the marketing campaigns with the highest response rates
  • Track sales conversions
  • Allocate resources in proportion to ROI

Maximize your ROI on each campaign:

  • Learn what listing information is common to your leads
  • Find out what features your callers cite as the reasons for their interest
  • Test the impact of variables, including virtual tours, 3-D renderings, and professional photography on listing performance
  • Get the phone numbers of all callers for follow-up campaigns
  • Get the phone numbers of missed calls for callbacks

Builders can access their call tracking reporting through BDXLive and see:

  • Total number of calls per source
  • Missed calls for callbacks
  • Caller ID
  • Date, time, and call duration
  • Recordings of each call – saved for up to 30 days

With these tools and analytics, your business gains insight into how employees handle inbound calls. You hear what prospective customers are calling about and understand their most common concerns and questions. You can also use the recordings for training and improving performance.

Just as important, legal compliance is handled through BDX Call Tracking. Both the caller and your sales team are automatically notified that the call is being recorded.

Builders are spending more of their budgets on digital marketing than ever before, and we’re excited to work together to close the online-offline marketing intelligence gap. BDX call tracking ensures that your marketing intelligence is complete and actionable, from the instant your prospects see your listing to the moment they sign a contract.

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