Builders Doing Amazing Things…Homes by Taber Record Sales = Record Donations To Charity

May 5, 2020 BDX



There must be something in the water in Oklahoma City – that is when it comes to new home sales – because one builder is experiencing record sales even during these crazy times.

Just this April, Homes by Taber, a local Oklahoma City builder, sold 52 new homes! This is the highest April sales number in the history of the builder and the fourth highest of all time.



The reason for the success is multi-fold including maintaining heavy safety protocols, utilizing video for appointments, and also their stellar reputation as a community leader.

But that’s not the end of the good news, the biggest benefactor of the record month was not just the home builder. Since its inception in 2000, Homes by Taber has emphasized charitable giving. They created the Taber Cares charity initiative which designates a local charity to receive $250 of every new home sale each month.

As a result of April revenue, the Oklahoma City Crisis Nursery will receive a check for $13,000 from Homes by Taber!

Good things come to those who give and there’s no better proof of this than Homes by Taber. Keep up the great work!

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