BDX Releases New Reporting For Listings

July 14, 2017

BDX is excited to release new dynamic and interactive reporting for listings on the BDX network!

Now when you list your communities with BDX, you will enjoy dynamic and interactive reporting that will help you make better strategic marketing decisions and improve your performance.

There are four main sections of your new BDX report. Here are details about those four sections. As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at




BDX Value

The new BDX reporting platform places all of your important metrics at the top of the page, and also allows you to drill down to see the performance of each BDX Network website individually.
A datasheet view of your metrics is still available if you need to get into the details.


Trend Chart and Detailed Funnel View

Using an interactive trend chart, you can track your search and detail pages views over time, as well as your total contacts (leads, click throughs, driving directions, phone calls, etc.)

In addition, you can overlay your data quality score or compare values against last year.

Drilldown to see your metrics broken out in context of the sales funnel.


Interactive Heat Map

Hover over various performance metrics and see corresponding communities light up and display their individual values.

Your Data Quality Profile

The quality and completeness of your data and media has a direct effect on the performance of your listings.

See your overall data quality at a glance, and drill into a datasheet view to improve your score.







If you have any questions or would like additional information about listing with BDX, please click here or email

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