Ask The Expert: I Already Have Testimonials On My Website, Do I Still Need Ratings And Reviews?

Ask The  Expert: I already have testimonials on my website, do I still need ratings and reviews?

The short answer is yes! We asked BDX Chief Experience Officer, Melissa Morman to elaborate on why.

Melissa: "Testimonials are an important part of your marketing – you can use them across your website, social media, and other communications. But it’s important to recognize that your prospects are very aware that testimonials are carefully curated and hand-selected with only the best and shiniest examples of your brand.


Ratings and reviews serve a different purpose on a builder's website than testimonials do.


Ratings and Reviews serve a different purpose – the point is to give a realistic perspective of your brand that a shopper can TRUST. It’s ok that your ratings and reviews aren’t perfect. In fact, it’s better if they aren’t all 5 stars. Multiple research studies show that there is a sweet spot for ratings. On a scale of 1-5, ratings that fall between 3-4.65 result in a positive impact on sales. 5 star ratings actually have a negative effect on your brand – people think that they are fake!"

Today’s shoppers expect your brand to have testimonials – but they also NEED ratings and reviews to feel like they have a true representation of your brand experience. And if you get a negative review, it’s not the end of the world – in fact how you respond can have a more beneficial outcome than if you have a positive review. Shoppers want to see how you handle the negative review, the tone of your response, and that you care!

Want to learn more about ratings and reviews... and TrustBuilder, the leading ratings and reviews program for the building industry? Click here to watch our recent webinar on the topic. 

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