Ask The Expert: Do I Still Need Professional Photography?

Question: Do I still need professional photography or can I have my sales team take the picture?

With advancements in smartphone technology, you may have also asked yourself this very question. We asked our expert Brad Smith, Director of BHI Media to chime in. Here’s what he had to say:

Brad: “I can certainly tell by viewing images. In my experience, any builder who is concerned about their professional image, still uses professional photography. Cell phone photos scream amateur. Even though under the right circumstances, these images can look okay, most on-site reps do not know enough about basic photography, such as lighting and composition, to make the images look as good as they can.

An experienced photographer can make a world of difference! We often equate it to construction: The sales guy can go out and buy wallboard and paste, but do you really want him doing your interior drywall work? Certain people have certain skills and training, let them do what they do best. It goes far beyond the equipment.

Builders and Developers spend millions if not billions of dollars to make their homes and communities the best that they can be, but when it comes to the vehicle they will use to present their pride and joy to their potential customers they shouldn’t skimp on quality.

Do you still need a professional photographer to shoot your model home or are phone photos good enough? We had a BDX expert weigh in.

In the big scheme of things, professional photography is not a significant expense and well worth the cost at this crucial point in the process. Whether consciously or subconsciously a consumer will make a value judgment about a builder, based on the quality of their photography.”

Interested in professional photography? BDX can help! Visit for more information or email us for more information.

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