Are You Killing Your Leads?



List of Common Mistakes Made From Salespeople For Lead Follow-up


With all of the effort you put into generating and nurturing leads, why does it seem so easy to lose a prospect? In this post, we’ll talk about four common ways you can kill your leads and how you can prevent it.

4 Ways to Kill Your Leads

1. Burying Your Leads with Redundant Emails

We all get those exasperating emails from a company that won’t stop sending them. We get annoyed and immediately want to unsubscribe from them. Don’t do the same thing to your prospective lead by sending them too many generic emails with no path to action. Use your CRM system to personalize emails with criteria such as the country, time spent reading content, or if someone referred them to you. This way you can send targeted emails with specific messages – rather than catch-all emails to everyone.

2. Suffocate Your Leads with Complicated Forms

If forms on your website have too many fields or are difficult to use, fewer people will want to get in touch. No one is going to want to fill out a lengthy form. They might have been considering your product and wanted more information, but not anymore. Instead, require the bare minimum information like their name, company and email address. Once you got them hooked asked them to provide more details about themselves. More people will fill out the less troublesome form and therefore, you’ll get more prospective leads in your funnel.

3. Digging a Grave for Your Leads

Are you are leaving your leads in the abyss of uncertainty by not responding to them in a timely manner. Your leads will lose trust in you and eventually you might lose them. Answer their questions and provide them with the information they need to know. Keep them in the loop by telling them the next step in the home building process. This applies to social media and customer reviews too.  Reply to comments and messages on social media. You can use BDX’s service, TrustBuilder, to help you manage customer reviews. TrustBuilder creates a destination for reviews that are independent, transparent and credible. Did you know 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation? And responses to reviews can make a huge impact on how shoppers perceive you. It’s true, so don’t leave them in the dark, respond to them promptly.

4. Ghosting Your Leads

Disappearing or going quiet on your leads is definitely not going to get you a sale. Poor follow-up is a common occurrence with salespeople making one follow-up call and assuming the lead isn’t ready to commit to buying. According to Hatchbuck, “Marketing Donut shows that 80 percent of sales require 5 follow-up phone calls after the meeting.” Stay in touch and check-in with them every so often – have a plan to nurture your leads. Who knows maybe you’ll pique their interest and they will trust you enough to lead them through the home buying process.

If you avoid these four mistakes, you will not only maintain your current leads, but can also gain new leads. Want to learn other ways BDX can help you obtain leads? Contact one of our BDX Marketing professionals.

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