An Online Design Center As A Lead Generation Tool? The Results Speak For Themselves.


When most people think of an online design center, they envision the buyer logging in after they’ve purchased their home to make design choices and research products. But what about using a design center before the sale to turn prospects into qualified leads?

At BDX, we are seeing many of our builders leveraging the Envision Online Design Center in Presales Mode on their website and other online destinations to engage buyers and drive highly qualified leads to their sales team. The results speak for themselves when builders are using this powerful marketing strategy.

Time on Site Increases 3-5X

One of the metrics that marketers look to when evaluating their website is time on site. For most builder websites, the average time on site is 2-3 minutes. Builders who are using Envision on their site as a lead gen tool are seeing 3-5X that number with shoppers spending an average of 15 minutes during each visit. Visitors are able to look at available products, visualize what they will look like in the home and start building Wishlists.

Pages Per Session Are Also Up

For a typical builder site the average shopper visits 2-3 pages per session. For sites that are using Envision, that number is amplified by 10X averaging an astounding 28 pages per session. We know that the more engaged and inspired prospects are and the more pages they are viewing on your site, the more likely they are to convert from a home shopper to a home buyer.

Lead To Buyer Conversion is 20-40%

All the time on site and pages visited in the world doesn’t mean a thing if those visitors aren’t turning into clients at the end of the day. Even for high performing builder websites, the average lead to buyer conversion rate stalls out at 2-3%. Sites that use Envision to generate leads are seeing 20-40% lead conversion rates. So if you’re like most builders and looking to amp up your lead gen approach, Envision is a proven and effective solution to drive leads and sales. 

How To Use An Online Design Center in Presales Mode:

Putting your presales online design center on your website is a great first step, but savvy builders are taking things to another level by using the lead generation tool:

  • As Part of Their Listing On
  •  In Email Campaigns
  • As Part Of Sales Signatures
  • As A Tool In Sales Offices
  • On Kiosk Displays


Total Flexibility to Show The Information You Want

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from builders looking to use their online design center in presales mode is whether they have the option to show only select information. The answer is yes! You have the option to determine:

  • Which Categories or Options to show or highlight
  • Whether pricing is displayed
  • If you do Collections or Good/Better/Best Packages
  • If you want to Integrate with any flavor of visualization and carry thru to entire journey
  • Do You Convert PreSales Wishlists to Buyer Wishlists – for continuity in the process
  •  Integration with Dreamweaver

So if you’re looking to add a powerful strategy to your lead generation arsenal, we would love to help you plot your course. Email us at or Visit our website to learn more about Envision.

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