6 Questions You Might Be Asking About SEO – A Follow-Up to the SEO Strategies Webinar



6 Questions Home Builders Might Be Asking About  SEO And A Recap On Scott Douglas's Webinar.


Recently, SEO Manager Scott Douglas presented a webinar on SEO strategies. Here are a few questions that arose out of that webinar.

How much does SEO cost?

SEO price is dependent on the number of communities a builder has. The more communities, the more pages on your website, thus more keywords and copy to optimize. We offer full SEO services for all size builders and we do not limit ourselves based on tiered packages.

How long does SEO take to work?

It varies, upon launching our engagement we will complete an audit that will serve as our ‘SEO guide.’ There could be some very easy changes that have a big impact and results could show in the first few months. Most of the time, SEO is a series of detailed tactics that have a more long term and steady effect. It goes back to building a better client experience, resulting in a higher Domain Authority. For more immediate results, consider PPC.

My website already gets a good amount of traffic, why would I need SEO?

Below are some main reasons why you cannot just stop SEO even if you think you’ve optimized all the title tags, headers, meta descriptions, etc. These are also things our team keeps a constant eye on to ensure we are always maintaining your #1 marketing investment, the website!

  • Competition doesn’t go away
  • Algorithm updates are inevitable
  • Get even more links from other sites
  • Improve your internal linking
  • Monitor your site speed

We sold our model home, what do we do with our GMB listing?

Permanently close the location, and remove the profile. NOTE* you will lose any data associated with the account, so although Google recommends the removal of closed locations, keeping it around will allow you to maintain any reviews you gained.

Can you guarantee a first page placement?

While that may always be our goal, it’s no guarantee! The truth is, the search engine’s algorithm is always changing to better adjust to consumer’s behavior becoming more personalized, localized, embellished, enriched, and made as flexible as possible without hurting the relevance of the results. For some keywords it will be possible, but remember, your competitors will always be trying similar tactics and it’s ultimately in the hands of the user.

How do we optimize for Bing and Yahoo?

The good news is that because Google is the dominant player in the search engine marketing game, most algorithm changes/updates are closely followed and copies by Bing and Yahoo! So aside from a few minor differences, what will work for Google should translate to success on other search platforms.

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