5 Quick Ideas For Virtual Tours

You’re busy—we get it. That’s why we’re cutting to the chase to give you 5 Quick Ideas For Virtual Tours. Virtual tours and Matterport went from vitamin to morphine in 2020. The addition of this amazing content has helped home shoppers get over the visualization hurdle. We covered this in the first of our 30 on Thursdays Quick Hit Webinar Series. Here is the link to the recorded webinar or follow along for a quick recap as we dive a little deeper into how you can leverage this amazing content.

Make The Most Of Your Matterport Tours

Matterport tours are marketing gold, but are you leveraging everything this little gem has to offer. Here are a few quick tips to get the most out of your investment.

  1. Mattertags!

Mattertags can help tell your story online by showcasing special features throughout the house or linking off to engaging videos about products or appliances you would like to feature.

  1. Consider Virtual Staging

Most builders are aware of virtual staging for photographs, but did you know that you can virtually stage a Matterport tour too? Virtual staging can help define the space in your home.

  1. Take Advantage of Matterport Add-Ons


5 Quick Ideas For Virtual Tours


Virtual Tours Are Quicker And Less Expensive—WIN!

If you still think that virtual tours take too long to create and are too expensive to work in your budget, think again! BDX has an express version that delivers the first proofs in 10 days and costs less than $3,000. They also include still images and extras!

Shoppers Want To Tour More

It’s not just homes that prospective buyers want to tour. Matterport and virtual tours can and should showcase more than a home plan.

  1. Club House or Amenity Center

Shoppers are looking for more than just a home, they are buying the community as well. Matterport or virtual tours of your clubhouse or amenity center can especially help remote shoppers get a better understanding of where they are going to live and its many benefits.

  1. Design Center

Have an amazing design center? Capture your design center with a Matterport tour! It will give prospective buyers an idea of the process even before they buy. You can even link room visualizers right within the design tour that link to actual products that you offer through an integration with your Envision online design center.

  1. Pre-Dry Wall

Pre-Dry Wall Tours are a great leave behind for buyers. These detailed tours give home buyers a guide on where electrical and plumbing is within their home which will expedite any future work that may be needed. It’s also a transparent way to show the quality of your work.

Interactivity Makes An Impact

Visualizers bring rooms to life and let shoppers see their selections in real-time. In addition to being able to change options in a virtual environment, shoppers can also learn about and see your options with an integration of the Envision online design center in pre-sales mode.

Use a visualizer to generate high-quality leads. Shoppers will need to create an account to save their designs, therefore generating a high-quality lead.

Visualizers can also be incorporated right within your online design center for a rich online experience after contract.

Don’t Hide Your Tours!

Matterport and virtual tours don’t just have to live on a tiny link on your website—here are a few ideas of where to feature them.


5 Quick Ideas For Virtual Tours5 Quick Ideas For Virtual Tours5 Quick Ideas For Virtual Tours


Need more quick marketing ideas? Join us for 30 on Thursday this week as we cover the latest changes in SEO. We are also always available for a one-on-one session or you can learn more about tours on our website.

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