Touchdown Tips from the Pros: 4 Ways to Tackle Your Home Builder Marketing



4 Ways to Tackle Your Home Builder Marketing


If you’re a home builder, there are so many options to consider when creating your marketing game plan. However, you can never go wrong with a home builder marketing strategy, which helps capture leads and convert them to home sales.

Creating a digital marketing plan for home building is like developing a game strategy for football. There’s an end goal involved: to win. Whether your goal is to win games or win over home buyers, in your quest to reach the end zone, you must create a game plan that’s designed to get that much-needed touchdown.

Here are four ways to tackle your marketing:

1. Play offense

If you’re familiar with the game of football, then you know about running offensive plays and the often-difficult journey to the touchdown. However, instead of getting a touchdown, you want to generate leads. To do this, you need great content that attracts new prospects:

  • Blogs to showcase thought leadership – Answering key questions and giving potential buyers sound advice in blog posts can establish you as a thought leader in your industry and build trust.
  • Social media presence – Having a following on social media and a regular posting schedule can get your business in front of tons of people, building awareness.
  • A branded website – A website with helpful content that represents your company and brand is a great way to attract new leads.
  • Email campaigns to real estate agents – This can get you connected with the right people who can find prospects looking to buy a home.
  • Advertise to home shoppers – Whether through social media or paid search, you can raise awareness about your business and connect with your target audience.

2. Play defense

NFL teams don’t just play offense; they play defense, too. Cornerbacks, safeties, linebackers and other defensive players help prevent the opposing team from scoring. Similarly, you want a defensive marketing strategy that prevents existing customers from parting with your company. In other words, you want to retain them. To do this, you need:

  • Ratings and reviews – Using sites such as Trustbuilder, you can gather unbiased and trusted reviews. This acts as social proof and shows existing customers that they can trust you.
  • Educational webinars – These are great for creating a follow up strategy.

3. Play ground game

In football, ground game is the traditional way of running the ball. In addition to choosing more complex plays or going for long-distance throws such as launching a new website or mobile app, you also have to make sure the basics are lined up.

In marketing – this translates to optimizing your content and website with keywords that search engines will pick up – and investing in customer service because good customer service not only retains current clients but also generates new clients. While traditional tactics may not be as exciting, they still win games and, more importantly, customers.

4. Throw a Hail Mary

The conventional stuff won’t always cut it. Sometimes you just need to go for it. 2D floorplans and images won’t do it for shoppers. Try to think outside the box. Think virtual tours, Matterport tours or an online design center.

For home building, there may be tons of marketing tactics to choose from. However, things don’t have to be too complicated. At BDX, we’re home building marketing experts, and we can help you build a marketing strategy that can make an impact with today’s homebuyers. For more information, contact us today.

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