4 Secrets to Marketing to Homebuyers in 2019



Here's 4 Tips On How To Market New Homes in 2019Ready to sell more homes to prospective homebuyers? First things first: stop selling to them! We live in a world that’s put new home information at home buyers’ fingertips, so future homebuyers already know what they want when they walk into a sales center. So how can you take advantage of this? We’re glad you asked! Here are four ways to market to homebuyers this year:

Utilize Visual Media

Potential buyers want to imagine themselves living in their new house throughout the home-buying process. VR (Virtual Reality) and interactive content—Envision, 3D floorplans and cutaways—allow consumers to immerse themselves into an unforgettable home-buying experience. A study done by the Bokka Group showed that 81.7 percent of buyers considered interactive feature changes important during the research phase of the home-buying process, and more than half of the buyers considered VR an significant website tool. This state-of-the-art technology produces more conversions than static content does—a great marketing tactic that definitely sees a ROI for builders.

Engaging Social Media Posts

Whether you have one person manning your social networks or you’re outsourcing to a third-party, know this: home-buyers are looking for authenticity and representing your brand online is the perfect way to showcase the real you. Here are some quick do’s and don’ts for social media:

Do respond to comments/messages/reviews/likes—even a small thank you can go a long way.

Don’t use fluffy content that over-exaggerates how awesome your homes are.

Do use photos that captivate your audience—Getty Images is a great resource for stock photos or hire a professional photographer to take images of your model homes/communities.

Don’t overdo it. Nothing turns a buyer away quicker than an over-saturated newsfeed full of posts from the same brand over and over again.

User-Friendly Website

Designing a website that allows users to navigate across each page seamlessly will drive leads for your business. You don’t want visitors to leave your website because they couldn’t find what they were looking for. Instead, try these simple tips

  • Design your website with mobile in mind—nothing is more frustrating than navigating a website on your phone that was only created for desktop users.
  • Give buyers multiple ways to connect with you on each page—consider phone, chat and email.
  • Organize your content with simple page headings and titles.
  • Make your social media buttons easy to get to—try adding them to the website header or the website footer.

Target the Right Audience

In order to define your target audience, you’ll need to do some research. Are you looking to sell homes to a specific age demographic? Are your prospective homebuyers single or married? What are their interests? Do they live in certain regions of the country? These are just a few questions that will help you profile your target audience. Take advantage of analytics tools such as Facebook Insights or Twitter Analytics to view who your core audience is on your social platforms. Google Analytics is also a great tool to use in order to track who visits your website and which pages they view.

For builders wanting to reach more prospective homebuyers this year, it’s no secret that our specialist at BDX can create a custom marketing strategy that helps you generate more leads and make deeper connections with buyers. For more information, email info@thebdx.com.

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