3 Tips For Website CTAs To Connect With At-Home-Shoppers


3 Tips for Website Calls-To-Action


During our new normal, your website is more important than ever – it’s always open, 24/7 for your buyers and this is a fantastic time to adjust your calls to action.

Have a Matterport tour or an Interactive Visualizer? Now is the perfect time for those to shine! Consider directing your buyers to a “3D Tours” page with a homepage call to action either over your hero image or beneath your introductory text.

Are you able to hold virtual private showings? How about a Facebook Live Stream? Utilizing virtual showings is an effective way for you, the building expert to give buyers an inside look at a guided tour from the comfort of their own home.

Change up your Call to Action submission language.  Instead of “Come Visit Us” – consider adding more language like “Schedule A Private or Virtual Showing Today!”  to help put buyers at ease.  There are also some great scheduling apps available you could also place on your website – check out Calendly to help keep track of your appointments.

As a reminder, we also have a wealth of other suggestions to follow during this time. Feel free to review those on our Builder University Resource Center. https://learn.thebdx.com/remote-shoppers.


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