3 Reasons to Attend the DCX – Digital Transformation Summit



DCX brings together 250+ industry leaders and thought leaders from around the country to speak about digital marketing, technology trends, and the customer experience. Join us to hear from thought leaders from inside and outside the building industry. The best part? It’s held in Austin, Texas—the city that is paving the way for digital transformation. Here are 3 reasons why you should attend: 


  1. To Hear Engaging Speakers

What better way to be inspired than to hear from some of the best in the business? Listening to thought leaders share their expertise and knowledge can help you stay current with trends and even influence your decision-making. We’ll be announcing speakers soon. For a complete list of last year’s speakers, click here.

  1. Networking Opportunities

People just like YOU are attending this event—going can benefit not only your career in a big way but also your company. Your passion for learning fuels this industry and making authentic connections with like-minded attendees is the first step!

  1. A New Perspective on Your Business

No matter how successful your business is, there’s always room for improvement. You’ll be inspired by innovative ideas that challenge the very backbone of your company. Attending DCX will disrupt your way of thinking and motivate you to think outside the box.

For more details on DCX 2019 and how to register, click here.

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