Builders Doing Amazing Things – Blue Mountain Communities Improves Online Advertising CTR’s

Builder Increases CTR With New Ad Strategy

People in Northern California recognize the name, Blue Mountain Communities. As a family-owned business who has been building homes in the area for over forty years, they are an established and well-known brand. But even Blue Mountain knew that when COVID-19 hit, they would need to adjust their marketing to meet the needs of homebuyers now quarantined and unable to visit models.

Online advertising was already a critical component of the Blue Mountain marketing strategy. But the usual call-to-action of visiting communities was a non-starter. Having already invested in virtual tours -Blue Mountain knew this was a prime opportunity to showcase them.

Builder Increases CTR With New Ad Strategy

 Blue Mountain revised their advertising with the call-to-action “Tour Now”. As a result, Blue Mountain saw a 20-40% increase in their Click-Thru-Rate across communities over past creatives. Once shoppers clicked on the ads, they were not disappointed with the payoff.  They virtually toured the homes and filled out lead forms in record numbers. So by shifting strategies, Blue Mountain increased leads and helped sustain business even during the pandemic.

Builder Increases CTR With New Ad Strategy                      Builder Increases CTR With New Ad Strategy

Blue Mountain is a great example of how having your digital ducks in a row and reacting quickly to market conditions can pack a one-two punch for success. But don’t worry, there’s still time to leverage these techniques and tools and seeing big gains. To find out more about the many virtual tour options BDX offers, contact your BDX sales consultant or email us at

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