BDX CEO Tim Costello Quoted In ProBuilder Article On Healthy Homes

BDX CEO Tim Costello talks about how homebuyers today are driving the demand for clean homes.

Today’s hot button for home builders - healthy homes. While almost all builders have taken great strides in making homes energy efficient, paying attention to indoor air quality (IAQ) is just coming on the radar for many. But with recent events and an even greater focus on wellness and self-care, homebuyers are driving demand for fresh air ventilation and air filtration systems.   

In this article, ProBuilder interviewed several builders including BDX clients Meritage Homes and KB Home.  Both of these builders are leading the industry by adopting innovative technology that not only pushes fresh air into homes but also removes harmful particles in the air to create a clean home environment.

Also quoted is BDX CEO, Tim Costello. “Consumers are responding more positively to a healthy home message because their knowledge sphere has changed, particularly now with the fear of pathogens and what we can bring into our homes from the outside world,” says Tim Costello, chairman and CEO of BDX, in Austin, Texas, a company that engages more than 1,300 home builders to manage digital transformations and marketing tactics.

To learn more about how builders are responding to the demand for healthy homes, read the entire article here

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