Bedrock Homes Launches Online Design Center and Sees Traffic and Leads Increase

Bedrock Homes of Canada has been in the industry for over 20 years. They’ve seen it all but when they came across Envision, BDX’s Online Design Center, they knew it was something that could set them apart.

Having worked with over 4,000 families, Bedrock loves working with them on the design process but knows it can also be overwhelming – for both the home buyer and the interior designer.


Bedrock Homes Launches BDX's Envision Online Design Center.


In just a few short months since launching Envision in October 2020, Bedrock can already tell it’s going to be a difference-maker. For starters, Envision integrates with Bedrock’s internal systems that capture the colors/selections and automatically feeds the information into them. Before Envision, their Interior Designers would have to manually fill out addendums for selections which were both time-consuming and cumbersome.



Bedrock has also made Envision available to both home shoppers who are browsing for and still in the process of choosing a new home, as well as homeowners who have already purchased. Bedrock loves how home shoppers can play with Visualizers to get a feel for how their home could look and then Wishlist the items they may want to put into their new home. The salespeople can then access the Wishlist during the sales process to consult on the options selected, and if need be discuss other options that might fit into their budget vs. eliminating those options altogether.


Bedrock Homes launched their online design center that has many new home options for shoppers.


"We have thousands of options and there is no way our Interior Designers would be able to ask the homeowner about them all during their interior design appointment,” said Laura Box, Marketing Manager for Bedrock Homes. “Envision gives our homeowners transparency into everything we offer and the flexibility to browse options when it's convenient for them.”

Bedrock notes that most homeowners spend well over an hour in Envision “shopping” and choosing selections before their interior design appointment. And while Bedrock is still in the initial launch phase and needs more time to promote the tool to clients, they are already seeing homeowners loving Envision and spending a lot of time on the platform. To confirm this, Bedrock added Google Analytics to their Envision site to track what home shoppers are doing. In just four months – between October 2020 and February 2021, 19,005 unique people visited the Envision site.

“The additional traffic/lead generation we are getting from Envision is something we have not experienced before,” said Box. “And even though we just launched and are just beginning to receive metrics, we are confident that Envision is going to be an amazing tool for our homeowners and one that sets us apart in the builder market.” 

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