Targeting Changes Coming Soon For Google PPC

Make sure you’re ready for Google’s changes to how you can target audiences in your PPC campaigns.


Remember last year when Facebook implemented stricter targeting restrictions on their advertising platform? Well, get ready, because this October, Google will be following their lead and placing similar restrictions on PPC campaigns.

Like Facebook, these new restrictions from Google aim to protect the privacy of its users but may make it more challenging for home builders to connect with home shoppers. Starting in October 2020, builders will no longer be able to target their PPC campaigns by Age, Household Income, Gender, Marital Status, or Zip Code.

“We’ve been working with our builders for the past few weeks to help them understand these changes and come up with a game plan,” said Drew Leakey, BDX’s VP of Operations. “Like any big change or shift, in addition to new challenges, there is also opportunity.”

Experts predict that overall PPC costs could go down as marketers will avoid the premium they normally pay to add targeting parameters and narrow down their ideal target. This news also means that there must be an added focus on engagement to ensure that builders are reaching the right homebuyers.

Are you ready for these changes? One of the advantages of working with the team at BDX is that we stay on top of these kinds of shifts and help you come up with a game plan that works for your business.

If you have any questions on what these changes mean for your current campaigns or if you'd like our dedicated team of builder experts to perform an audit on your account, email us at


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Eleanor Bowman is currently the Director of Marketing for Builders Digital Experience (BDX). In this role, she leads the company’s B2B marketing initiatives and is passionate about helping educate home builders about the latest digital marketing and technology trends. She is a frequent contributor here on and speaks at home building events around the country on a variety of topics. Eleanor has spent over 20 years working in marketing, advertising, and public relations for companies in the technology, education, energy, and real estate industries. She is a proud Longhorn with a degree in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin.

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