BDX Video Solutions Increase Leads for Home Builders


For almost any purchase, customers today start with online research. Buying a new home is no exception. But it takes more than fancy text and pretty still pictures on your website to pique their interest.

Did you know that video is twice as likely to capture the attention of new home buyers and incent them to find out more, i.e. increase leads?



A video doesn’t just sell your model home. It allows viewers to immerse themselves in the middle of the home. To imagine literally living there. They can visualize themselves in the bedroom they’ll be sleeping in; or the kitchen they’ll be cooking in; or even the bathroom they’ll be…well you get our point.

Plus, video boosts online exposure for your homes and website. Social media channels love video, and you are 53x more likely to get a front page listing on Google just by having video on your website.

BDX offers video services from concept to completion. Each project is tailored to meet your needs and more importantly, your budget.  Contact us to schedule a shoot with the BDX crew for your community today!


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