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Seven Ways BDX Can Help Today’s Home Builders Boost their Bottom Line











Home builders are constantly looking for new ways to connect with home shoppers, but that is easier said than done – and a secret weapon never hurt. Here are seven ways BDX can help today’s home builders drive traffic, sell homes and significantly boost their bottom line.

Photo-realistic renderings of your homes

Three dimensional exterior and interior renderings are an incredibly lifelike way to take shoppers on a journey through a home or community even before breaking ground. Today’s renderings are so realistic that most people assume they are photos (check out this video to see what we mean!). Showcase the best qualities of a soon-to-be built home, complete with environmentally appropriate landscaping and day-to-night transitions.

Shoppers can evaluate a home’s exterior qualities from multiple angles and begin to appreciate its charming character before moving to key spaces inside the home. Interior renderings of the home’s best areas and rooms can capture the hearts of online shoppers and drive valuable leads.

Create a website distinctive to your brand

Your website is likely a customer’s first touchpoint with your brand, creating an impression of your company and craftsmanship. BDX will create a stunning website, unique to your company and style, complete with all the latest best practices and technologies. BDX follows a proprietary six-step process to develop amazing builder-specific websites that guide shoppers through their home shopping journey. All of our websites include:

  • A Content Management System (CMS) to make updates quick and easy.
  • Customizable galleries and image sliders.
  • Integration with your BDX Listings so you only have to update information in one place.
  • Responsive Design
  • And more!

Attract buyers through immersive, real-time tours

Reading a floor plan leaves many things open to interpretation. However, interactive real-time tours allow home buyers to visualize details, such as counter space and lighting, which allow them to really connect with a home. BDX uses the highest quality virtual reality (VR) on the market to completely immerse shoppers in a home touring experience. This process not only creates and unforgettable memory that shoppers will share, it opens the floodgates of non-local buyers who may be shopping from a distance. And all of our real time tours come with up to $19K worth of digital content like renderings, walkthroughs, and more to maximize the value of this package.

Connect with shoppers through leading real estate sites

Shoppers can’t buy your homes if they can’t find them, and today’s home shopping journey starts on the internet. Builders who advertise and list with BDX get prime placement on hundreds of the top real estate websites, including And the value doesn’t stop with exposure on top sites. Every builder who lists with us gets a host of free services as part of your BDX Bundle:

  • TrustBuilder Ratings and Reviews
  • Consumer Optix Lead Augmentation
  • Facebook App To Showcase Your Listings On Social Media
  • Free Spanish Translations and Listings on
  • And more!

Generate leads with turn-key display advertising strategies

Drive traffic with Native Content, re-targeting and turn-key advertising strategies. More traffic means more leads and more sales to boost your bottom line. Performance optimized content and placement are invaluable to your advertising strategy.  BDX has proven online advertising solutions for every size home builder. Get guaranteed results with resources that consistently exceed industry standards.

Increase option sales with an online design center

An online design center can drastically improve the home shopping experience, increase options sales by up to 30%, and boost operational efficiencies. 95% of buyers said that a virtual design center was likely to influence their decision to buy from a builder. Here’s why Envision is so valuable:

  • Creates an interactive and dynamic retail experience for home buyers
  • Delivers a deeper understanding of trends impacting new home sales
  • Eliminates the need to build or expand design centers by creating an online design center experience.

With Envision, builders can offer their options online with product photos and descriptions already gathered from more than 250 product manufacturers in a complete options management, retailing, and selection solution.

Convert prospects with engaging content

Interactive content is more engaging and it heightens the browsing experience for home shoppers. Engagement leads to a higher return and conversion rate with more satisfied customers. A couple of options to consider:

Interactive Floor Plans – Users can draw on the plan, make notes, and save their custom plan, while builders can capture analytics and get leads quicker.

Interactive Home Cutaway – These cutaways show all of the unseen selling points of your home such as plumbing and insulation. By showcasing these parts of the home, shoppers can get a better feel for what they’re buying.

Boosting your bottom line is BDX’s mission and these are just a few of the ways we can help. If you’re ready to drive leads and connect with buyers consistently while strengthening your brand, contact BDX today. 

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