Envision Online Design Center Featured In Builder Magazine

Envision featured on Builderonline.com

Our Envision Online Design Center solution was featured in an article on builderonline.com. The article discusses the value of having a design studio readily available online to your potential homebuyers. Many homebuilders across the country are seeing the value in having this capability and have been increasing option sales and brand trust as a result. 

... sales associates at Meritage’s 19 design centers nationwide take the role of trusted advisers who get to know each buyer, reassure them when necessary, and nudge them toward making choices when time is running out. Meritage recently began to offer Envision, an online application from Austin, Texas–based consulting firm BDX that lets buyers see and research options as they prepare for design center appointments.

The digital portal eventually will be available to every Meritage client. 'There’s always been this mystery before going into a design studio, and you couldn’t really prepare for the appointment before you got there,' Stahl says. 'Now you can preview selections and shop around at your leisure. This is the way of the future.'

Read the full article here.


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