Is It Time For An Online Design Center?



Envision Increases Option Sales, Improves Efficiency, And Elevates Customer Satisfaction.


This past year has seen a lot of change in our world and specifically within the home buying landscape. We’ve heard from dozens of you who are looking to put an online design center in place as the way people are shopping for, buying, and designing new homes is rapidly evolving. Rest assured, our Envision team is ready and waiting to help you navigate this new normal.

As more and more shoppers are turning online for normal day to day activities, an online design center like Envision puts you in a unique position to meet their needs. Over the years Envision has been proven to increase options sales, improve efficiency and elevate customer satisfaction. If those weren’t reason enough, here’s why an online design center makes more sense than ever:

  • Eliminate face to face selection meetings, if need be. Envision overcomes a lot of obstacles in our new normal. Meetings and selections can be facilitated through the platform vs. meeting in person.
  • Show ACTUAL products, colors, and materials, not representative colors or worse; thumbnails. Envision has over 250+ manufacturers in the system – they are keeping products up to date and making sure the best images and information are all in one place.
  • KEEP buyers excited about optioning the home, to keep them from canceling prior to their design meeting. This is a HUGE confidence builder in today’s market.
  • Use Envision as a presales tool to convert website traffic at 3X the normal rate. We know that every web visitor is more precious than ever – are you doing everything you can to help them convert?
  • Envision pays for itself in under 10 homes, for most of our clients.
Already using Envision and want to make the most of it? Here are some ideas.
  • Now’s the time to test and ensure all of your pre-sales links are working (reach out to us if you need help in understanding how to generate presales links!) Shoppers are still looking for homes online and now more than ever need tools to understand all the wonderful ways they can customize their dream home.
  • Use your presales link as a call to action on your website. Place verbiage across your website on how buyers can design their homes online and do the entire process virtually with their sales and design consultants. A quick review of your site will likely reveal multiple places that this messaging works.
  • Make sure all of your buyers have access to Envision – both those that have bought inventory homes as well as “to be built” (now is the time to ensure your inventory homes are in Envision!)
  • If you have additional communities or divisions to bring online, we are standing by to help you facilitate and get up and running quickly.

While this week has been challenging on many fronts, we want you to know that we are here for you and ready to help in any way you need. We are confident that by working together as an industry, we can weather this storm and emerge stronger than ever.



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