Recorded Webinar: All Leads Are Not Created Equal

Mike Lyon Discusses Best Practices On How To Manage and Convert Any Type Of Lead Lead

Mike Lyon with Do You Convert

In this overheated market, you’ll need to streamline your system and get organized to increase conversions and maintain a level of sanity.

Make no mistake, your leads are ALL equally valuable but if you only use 1 follow-up process to manage every lead source you risk alienating your prospects. In 2020 the average home builder has between 7-15 distinct lead sources and multiple ways that buyers are communicating.

Mike Lyon from Do You Convert shows you how to:

• Prioritize lead sources for maximum conversion

• Streamline your follow-up processes no matter what CRM you use

 • Develop custom reporting to analyze each lead source

• Leverage the latest tech tools to create high impact automated messaging without losing personalization

About Mike: Mike Lyon is a recovering Online Sales Specialist, author of Browsers to Buyers and founder of – the leading authority for lead generation and conversion best practices for home builders. Learn more at

Recorded Webinar From All Leads Are Not Created Equal

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