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Welcome to the BYTE, where we serve up the latest marketing and tech news from the last week for you to sink your teeth into.

This week we're taking a BYTE out of updates on YouTube's CTV, email marketing, Instagram's hashtags, marketing frameworks, call to action strategies, and Snapchat's desktop app. Dig in!



YouTube Adds Upgrades To Connected TV

With people cutting their cable and switching to digital streaming services, Connected TV (CTV) ads have significantly boosted. CTV advertising targets your niche audience and reaches your consumers on their connected devices. Check out BDX's CTV service to see how we’re helping builders target high qualified home buyers.

YouTube realizes the potential of CTV and has recently improved its CTV ad opportunity to optimize marketers' outreach. Learn more about YouTube's CTV Advertising improvements here.


Take Note

Is Email Marketing Dead?

There has been some concern circulating that email marketing doesn't produce results anymore. But take note - this rumor is false. According to PCMag, "current data shows email is still one of the most effective and low-cost ways for small and midsize businesses to reach customers." You just need a way to stand out from 808 billion emails that sit in the inbox. Want to see the proof for yourself? Read PCMag's infographic that provides statistics and some helpful tips to help you get the most out of email campaigns. 

Instagram Hashtags for Businesses 101

Businesses often give up on using Instagram hashtags because they believe they don't work. We get it. This stuff is not easy. But if you take the time to master how to use them correctly, hashtags can help your company and products show up on Instagram through searches and get discovered by your niche audience. Social Media Examiner created a guide that reviews how to use hashtags strategically in your content and get more eyeballs. Take a look!

Are marketing frameworks beneficial?

Much like an outline helps you write a blog post, a marketing framework enables you to create and execute a marketing plan. As stated by the content marketing company, Brafton, "the framework ensures that you're delivering to the right audience, through the right channels, at the right time to achieve your core marketing objectives." Thus, marketing frameworks essentially help you keep on the path to success and envision your marketing efforts. 

Learn more about the fundamentals of a marketing framework and see examples in Brafton's article.

Calls To Actions Strategies For Marketers

55% of visitors will leave your website in 15 seconds or less. Having a compelling Call to Action (CTA) and BDX’s 7 secrets for a successful landing page is key to converting website visitors into leads.

Social Media Today's infographic provides good CTA examples, bad CTA examples, and strategies to create an impactful CTA. Check it out to see how you can boost your lead generation and conversion rates. 


Totally Unrelated

Snapchat's Filters On Zoom

Let's face it, sitting hours in on zoom calls can be, well, boring. So now you can liven up Zoom calls with a living cartoon or other filters of your choice! Snapchat's desktop app allows you to overlay filters, such as their Cartoon Style filter, into your zoom calls. Imagine the looks on your attendees face when a cartoon-you starts the meeting! Learn more about this fun feature on The Verge's blog post

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