New: Schedule Self-Guided Tours Directly From NewHomeSource shoppers can now schedule self-guided tours directly from the site.

As consumer behaviors have changed over the past few months, BDX has worked hard to make sure we are giving home shoppers every opportunity to connect with builders.  We recently launched a new feature on NewHomeSource to allow visitors to schedule self-guided tours of new homes right from listings on the site. Self-Guided tours enable shoppers to visit and tour built homes on their own, in a clean, private, and secure environment when it’s convenient for them. We have partnered with the leading provider of self-guided tours, UTour for this launch.

UTour makes it possible for consumers to visit a quick move-in or model home on their schedule and without a salesperson present. A potential home buyer simply goes to a builder website or and finds a home that is UTour enabled. They create an account, select a date and time for their tour and then have their identity verified via either a driver’s license or credit card. A code is then sent to the consumer which opens a smart lock and allows them to tour the home unaided for an hour. shoppers can now schedule self-guided tours directly from the site.

Once in the home, agnostic voice assistance – Alexa or Google – is available to answer any questions they have about the home, amenities, or the community. Builders then receive a comprehensive report detailing the potential buyers’ questions and requested information. shoppers can now schedule self-guided tours directly from the site.

Builders who have been using UTour on their websites now show another option for shoppers to schedule their self-guided tours. On NewHomeSource, we are adding the self-guided tour calls to action (CTAs) in several places for homes that have active tours on desktop, tablet, and mobile platforms:

  • On all existing appointment/tour CTAs we are adding an option for self-guided tours (alongside in-person appointments and virtual tours).
  • Below the gallery, where we usually have a CTA to schedule a tour, homes with self-guided tours will feature that CTA instead.
  • In the home details section, we are adding a call-out that the home includes self-guided tours.
  • On the search results page, an additional “feature icon” will be included (with a mouseover popup that explains what it is).

We’re excited to partner with UTour for this program and announce this new feature of NewHomeSource listings. If you have any questions, please contact


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