Finishing 2021 Strong - 3 Advertising Strategies

Has the feverish demand for new homes finally reached its peak? With a full 6 months of 2021 now behind us, we’ve been tracking a decline in new home searches on Google that shows that demand may be cooling. Is it a summer lull or are home shoppers growing weary of the ever climbing prices and bidding wars? Maybe they are just on a long-awaited vacation. Whatever the reason, it might be time to get advertising back on your radar. Here are our top suggestions on how to weather a market slow down.

1. Advertise on

This is the time that advertising on makes the most sense. If you don’t have move-in-ready homes available, you can list your ready-to-be-built plans. If you have new communities breaking ground you can list them as a Coming Soon. Additionally, NewHomeSource now offers a way to label hot communities as having limited availability to set realistic expectations with buyers.

Why It’s the most effective approach for reaching active home shoppers with a preference for new.


Three advertising for builders to keep the new home sale momentum going.


2. Connected TV

Connected TV has been a big hit with marketers, but not all Connected TV is created equal. BDX leverages our NewHomeSmart Audience of 40 million active new home shoppers to ensure your impressions are going where they can make the biggest impact. With beautiful ads that can connect with home shoppers on an emotional level, it’s a cost effective way to get back in the game of building your pipeline.

3. Facebook Retargeting

Remember the days when you could create custom targeting filters on Facebook and reach the right person with the right message with a small budget? Those were the good days of Facebook advertising. Don’t fret, similar to Connected TV, BDX layers our NewHomeSmart Audience filters to get right to your target market. It’s the Smart way to advertise on social media!

The most successful brands know that advertising is critical to stay top-of-mind. Our industry saw a large uptick in new home sales vs. used home sales during the pandemic. It’s time to keep the momentum going with advertising efforts to ensure a strong finish to 2021 and build a solid pipeline for 2022. Want to learn more about advertising with BDX? Email us or visit us at

About the Author

Alaina Latiolais

Alaina Latiolais is currently the Marketing Manager and HBA Partnership Program Manager for Builder’s Digital Experience. She previously worked as a Digital Marketing Consultant for BDX working with builders of all sizes in the Austin, San Antonio and Corpus Christi markets. Finding her love for B2B marketing, she now helps educate home builders about marketing and technology and understanding the digital consumer. Alaina has over a decade of experience working with small, medium and large businesses on their marketing strategies, always with a strong focus on the latest technology and results. She has a practical approach that saddles between warm and daring, always challenging businesses to take the next step to adopt new technology and ideas.

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