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Drive Leads By Using To Advertise Your New Homes


Maximizing your ad exposure to reach the broadest possible audience is good; reaching the right audience is even better. A homebuilder can have an outstanding development in a desirable location filled with eye-catching, well-priced homes, but attracting motivated buyers versus looky-loos requires solid leads.

The Internet changed the way people look for homes. In today’s marketplace, shoppers today browse from their couches, not their cars. Getting their attention requires cutting through the online noise with effective ways to generate serious leads.

So, you need prime placement online before people even consider your location and affordability. BDX offers a variety of advertising solutions and one proven source to improve lead generation results is advertising on Value is one of the most visited real estate buying sites, attracting more than 40 million people shopping for homes each month. It has inherent credibility with buyers as the official website of the National Association of Realtors.

With their comprehensive list of for-sale properties, consumers have long ranked as the top site for finding an agent and actively searching for a home.

There are two basic ways to advertise on using native ads or banner ads. Native ads are those prominently positioned and embedded in search results. They blend into the “native” content by matching the form and look of the site in which they appear.

Native ads cost more but are effective for promoting special properties or deals. Banner ads cost less, and their use can be tailored by price point to reach your ideal audience. Ads on can be geo-targeted to reach a national audience or a narrow, more focused market.

They can link to your website so that interested potential buyers can find out more about your developments or other homes.

Top New Home Sites

Promoting new homes can take a more specialized approached. That is where working with BDX becomes critical to success. The firm is an exclusive provider of new home communities for Additionally, BDX-assisted listings are placed on approximately 300 leading real estate websites, including many that are used exclusively by people shopping for new homes.

While is effective and used by new construction homebuyers, someone actively searching for a new home is likely to put that in the search bar. The top result consistently, following any ads, is BDX’s New Home Source.

The new home expertise gives it an SEO advantage that ensures it will be seen by its intended audience. And these results pay off for builders… approximately 25 percent of those who visit the site click through to builders’ sites for more information.

Working with BDX for your advertising needs also helps you reach visitors on HomLuv, which is kind of the Pinterest of home-selling sites. It tempts people with interior shots and design ideas for new homes.

When you list with BDX, the company also translates your information and promotes your homes on CasaNeuvasAqui, the new home site for Spanish speakers – at no additional charge.

Additionally, BDX ‘s bundled advertising can include outreach to millions of real estate agents via email to make sure they hear about your properties.

Generating Leads

While demand for new homes has never been stronger, your sales success depends on attracting quality leads for serious shoppers or agents helping them. Thousands of builders recognize the value and have achieved success, listing their new homes and communities through BDX, one of the top marketing firms for homebuilders.

Let the BDX experts help you market your new homes effectively through, and our other sales solutions. For more information on the services we offer, contact us at!

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