Hacking HomLuv.com – 5 Ways To Get More Than Your Share Of The Luv On The Site

July 26, 2018 Eleanor Bowman

BDX launched a new visual search website, HomLuv.com, last year. Developed to make finding the perfect new home easier, HomLuv flips the search process around, showing buyers beautiful interior images, floor plans and videos to help them discover their unique design voice and to articulate what they really want in a new home. Buyers indicate which images they like or dislike and HomLuv then creates a unique profile for them. HomLuv’s artificial intelligence and crowdsourcing tools match buyers with home builders who can build their perfect home, in their desired location, and price range. For home shoppers, HomLuv is “Where the perfect home finds you”.

So how do you make sure that your homes are capturing buyer attention on the site? Here are some tips for “Hacking” HomLuv:

Include Color Variations For The Same Room

Nearly every builder offers kitchen cabinets in multiple color options… so make sure you’re showcasing visuals for each with your plans. A shopper who might be turned off by dark cabinets could fall in love with the same kitchen in white. Versioning renderings in multiple colors or taking photographs of different model homes could be all that’s standing between you and your future buyer.

Go Beyond The Basics & Include Special Rooms

Are you including images of basements, media rooms, garages, and outdoor spaces with your plan images? For certain buyers these are just the kind of rooms they are interested in and this could be what captures buyers attention and help you stand out from the competition.

Storage Matters

As buyers narrow their home search, storage is something that doesn’t get a lot of visual love but could be that unique feature that makes a difference. People love to see well organized garages, the master closet of their dreams, or other unique storage features that can help them visualize living in the home.

Virtual Stage With Different Styles

Virtual staging is an under-utilized tactic to bring your empty rooms to life. Basically we take a photo or rendering of an empty room and add virtual décor and furnishings. Imagine being able to “virtually” furnish a room in several different styles. So whether your buyers like modern, traditional, farmhouse, or funky, for just a small investment, you can show them exactly what they’re looking for.

Go For The Close Up

When you’re looking at an image of an entire exterior of a house or interior of a room, imagine zooming in on a particular feature or architectural element. These closeup images of doors, outdoor kitchens, and other details help you turn one image into 5 for a minimal investment and give buyers even more reasons to like your plans.

Hopefully these tips give you some ideas to maximize your exposure on HomLuv.com. Not listing your plans on HomLuv.com yet? To get started, all you need to do is list your homes and communities with BDX. When you list your homes with us you are included on NewHomeSource.com, hundreds of partner sites, and now HomLuv as well with no added cost to you! For more information, email info@thebdx.com.


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