Meet the BDX Team – Client Listings/Account Management

Learn about the BDX Client Listings/Account Management Team & Some Great Builder Stories


Team motto – Coming Together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. – Henry Ford

Team song - Taking Care of Business - by Bachman Turner Overdrive

What is your favorite room in your house and why?

Sheliza - Living Room, it’s where we come together as a family and catch up on the day or watch the latest Netflix series.

Jennifer - Family Room as it is cozy, bright, and full of good times/memories.

Jenni - My kitchen – it’s the hub of the house. It’s where I spend most of my time while at home, cooking and entertaining with friends and family. It overlooks the living room so I can always see what everyone in the house is doing while I am in the kitchen.

When we’re able to travel again, where is the first place you want to go?

Sheliza - The beach, this girl is ready for fun in the sun.

Ashley L. - Disney World- It’s the happiest Place on Earth

Jenni - To a warm beach somewhere.

Last TV show or series you binge-watched?

Sheliza - Schitt’s Creek, just had to watch it again. So good!

Ashley L.  - Bar Rescue--- Reminds me why I don’t go out much.

Jenni - Just finished up Queen’s Gambit. Now watching Ozark.

Jennifer - Yellowstone


Learn about the BDX Client Listings/Account Management Team & Some Great Builder Stories


Tell us a “Cinderella Story” – your favorite or funniest client story.

Sheliza - Many years ago, I was working on a Parade of Homes site when a client builder needed last-minute changes before the weekend rush (this was before we replicated NHS over the weekends). I worked with him to get his updated and was able to ask our database team to run a special replication on a Friday evening so his content was ready. He was so happy, he named a calf after me!

Jennifer - Funniest story was when I had a builder call out of the blue and ask me, “Should I have Chinese or Italian for lunch? “I was like…” WHAT?”   He said, “Since you have provided so many recommendations on how to enhance our data and increase leads…I thought I would ask.”  Told him…Italian. J

Tell us about a “Buzzer Beater” - a client/project that positively surprised you. What was the result?

Ashley L. – A builder client that I speak to often had called me just to talk and vent. It happens more than you would think. She was frustrated at how the market was changing at a rate that was hard to keep up with. But then she said something that I will never forget, “We are allowing the American people to live the American dream of building their own home.” She had no idea how much I needed to hear that at the time, and how it solidified for me that working for BDX is supporting this idea.

Jenni - We had a BOYL builder who brought back their business after we updated how Custom and BOYL builders are listed on NewHomeSource. We took their feedback to heart and were able to work out a solution that helped them capture more views and as a result, more leads. Hearing directly from the client about their specific needs and wants for their BOYL listing listed helped me understand how those types of builders need to be displayed on our site.

Tell us about a “Bracket Buster” – the toughest challenge/obstacle a client has brought to you that you were able to complete in the nick of time.

Ashley L. - When I first became an Account Manager there was so much I didn’t know. And to this day, I still use this builder as an example for all my training purposes. I call Medallion Home my baby because we have worked through figuring out how to use BDX Live for a website builder together. They were my first and they will always have a special place in my heart. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be the account manager that I am today. They are super attentive and they know what they want. Because of this, I was able to completely revamp their website listings in a way that all allows them to make changes with confidence and efficiency.

Jenni - We had a builder who thought it would be easier to submit their data through a data feed to us not knowing that their feed did not have nearly as much content as what was already in place in BDX Live. Their data feed ended up taking everything they had out of BDX and they were not happy. In just a matter of days, we quickly turned off the feed and replaced all images and content that were lost. The client was super thankful and appreciates the time and effort that we took to get their listings back to where they were before. Lesson learned by all…just because something sounds easier doesn’t mean it will be.

What is a “Slam Dunk” strategy or tactic builders can do in 2021 that can make the biggest impact?

Sheliza – It’s hard to narrow it down but if I had to pick just one for 2021 it would be to invest in “Trust Builder” reviews. More and more people are turning to the web to learn everything about a builder - not just the what and where they build but also the quality of construction and how they treat their buyers. This is one of the largest investments a consumer will make and they want to trust the company for both the quality of the product and the overall experience and customer service.

Ashley L. - I think the most important thing that builders can do is to plan for six months to a year from now. Plan ahead because even though we can’t predict the future, having something in place is better than nothing. You’ll be able to react better and become better for it.

Jennifer - Builders still need to be everywhere digitally - NHS, SEO, Website, Social Media. But above all us – following up with potential buyers who raise their hand is most important. Not just for 2021 but 2022 and beyond. It’s a slam dunk strategy, will separate you from the competition and one that consumers will remember!   

What should builders avoid to prevent an “Upset”? ​​​

Sheliza – Not Responding to potential buyers! Reply to those email and phone call leads like there is no tomorrow. Having some type of marketing drip campaign is key to building a healthy pipeline because not all home buyers are ready to buy in 30, 60, or 90 days.

Ashley L. - Builders not having a plan is like going on a road trip without a map. You have no idea where you will be heading and might end up right back to where you are because it is familiar. But being comfortable or “familiar” isn’t always a good thing to have in our business.


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