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BDX Advertising Helps Builders Connect with Home Shoppers


At BDX we hear over and over that it is our people and our teams that set us apart. So each week during our month of Marketing Madness, we’ll take the opportunity to get to know all of our BDX teams a little better. At BDX our Advertising team works with builders around the country to help them make the strongest connections with home shoppers and leverage our NewHomeSource audience to improve performance. Read on to find out what they are all about...

Team Members

  • Lindsay – Sr. Director, Advertising
  • Reshma - Director, Builder Advertising
  • Kashmira – Senior Advertising Account Manager
  • Chelsea – Advertising Account Manager
  • Kate – Advertising Account Manager
  • Andy  – Advertising Account Manager
  • Wendy  - Thornton Supervisor, Advertising Acct Management
  • Cliff - Lead Advertising Coordinator
  • Natalie - Ad Trafficker
  • Marco - Ad Trafficker
  • Luis - Ad Trafficker
  • Tracy – Contract Administrator

Team Motto – Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Team Song - Don’t Stop Believin’

What is your favorite room in your house and why? 

The kitchen is a popular room for this team!

  • Chelsea – My kitchen – It’s my happy place J
  • Lindsay – My kitchen! All the magic is made there and many great memories with my family.  We have spent so much time over the past year experimenting with new recipes and baking.  
  • Reshma - My kitchen – It’s the warmest room in the house and the one everyone gravitates to.

When we’re able to travel again, where is the first place you want to go? 

  • Cliff - Vietnam or anywhere warm that has a beach and good coffee.
  • Marco – Italy
  • Luis – Iceland
  • Reshma – India – to see my parents - I haven’t seen them in 3 years.

Last TV show or series you binge-watched? 

  • Cliff - Ahh binge-watching, I remember that. My kids have taken over all the devices in the house. I look forward to someday binge-watching something other than YouTube video game commentaries.
  • Natalie - 100 Días Para Enamorarnos, La Reina del Flow y El Final del Paraíso
  • Marco & Luis – WandaVision
  • Chelsea - Queens Gambit and Good Bones
  • Wendy – Schitt’s Creek


BDX Advertising Helps Builders Connect with Home Shoppers



Tell us a “Cinderella Story” – your favorite or funniest client story

Lindsay - I was on a client call with several DVP’s across the country for one of our builders presenting some of our new strategies.  At the end, one of the DVP’s chimed in and said ‘Lindsay I absolutely love every webinar/blog post you write, you have made such a big difference to the industry by always being the first to bring the latest technologies and solutions.’ Go BDX Marketing!


BDX Advertising Helps Builders Connect with Home Shoppers


Tell us about a “Buzzer Beater” - a client/project that positively surprised you. What was the result? 

Lindsay - CTV!  Initially, the only metric we were able to report on was completed view, which many builders found interesting but wanted more data around performance.  We pulled in our geofencing capabilities to geo fence the sales center and report back on sales center visits.  This became a game-changer and created so much more interest for all our builders. 

Reshma - Facebook tends to make a lot of changes to their requirements and they often do it without any prior warning. When we started Facebook campaigns, we were struggling to deliver the full impressions and a good click-through-rate (CTR). Through rigorous A/B testing, the BDX Advertising team discovered the best option to manage the campaigns with high performance and 100% delivery. We went from an average of 0.5% to 2.5% CTR in a matter of months and have been able to maintain the high performance since.

Tell us about a “Bracket Buster” – the toughest challenge/obstacle a client has brought to you that you were able to complete in the nick of time.  

Reshma - We have a few of these stories, but the most recent one happened at the end of 2020. A builder client asked us with less than a week’s notice to set up hundreds of campaigns so that they could go live by January 5th, 2021. By using screenshots and some new processes developed internally, we were able to take the campaign live on the 5th with zero errors and peak performance.


BDX Advertising Helps Builders Connect with Home Shoppers


What is a “Slam Dunk” strategy or tactic builders can do in 2021 that can make the biggest impact? 

Lindsay & Reshma - CTV!  Go where your audience is – everyone is watching TV!

Its high-impact deliveryLea provides real-time analytics and best-in-class targeting. It’s a win-win for everyone – a must for builder’s media plans! 

Cliff - Rethink your creatives. Mix things up. Try A/B testing; new templates; different messages; visual hierarchy. Also, experiment with new media or compelling photography, and cater creatives according to where users are in the marketing funnel.

What should builders avoid to prevent an “Upset”?​ 

 Cliff - Cultivate long-term relationships and avoid a short-term only mindset. Develop marketing and advertising initiatives that bring people into your universe even if they’re years away from buying a home. Think more in terms of branding, experience, trust, relationships, and reputation. Make sure every touch-point accurately reflects your values and produces the emotion you want your customer to come away with.

Reshma – Do not get lax about collecting leads. Leads are about 6-12 months out from converting so builders should develop campaigns to nurture all leads at every stage even if they are sold out of inventory right now.

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