Fredericksburg Envision Roadshow



BDX's Envision Roadshow Is Heading To Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Let’s Talk About Our Online Design Center


When: Tuesday, July 16th | 11 AM – 1 PM

Where: Fredericksburg Area Builders








We’re on the road again and this time we’re heading for Fredericksburg, Virginia. Join us for a lunch to hear how home builders across the country our using technology to increase option sales, improve customer satisfaction, and make operations more efficient.

We’ll cover how the Envision Online Design Center can help you:

  • Increase option sales by up to 30%
  • Drive more qualified pre-sales leads with 2-3X higher conversions
  • Raise customer satisfaction scored & product brand recognition
  • Lower operational costs with reduced paperwork & quicker design center appointments


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