How Homebuilders Can Create A Killer Website

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W H I T E P A P E R | H O W H O M E B U I L D E R S C A N C R E A T E A K I L L E R W E B S I T E BDX Online Marketing Engagement Model To engage home buying prospects effectively online, builders must sequentially move prospects through five key psychological and behavioral objectives: 1. Earn Trust 2. Build Confidence 3. Differentiate from Competitors 4. Present and Inspire 5. Provide Paths to Action To earn trust, we have to convince buyers of our values and credibility. We can do this through testimonials, references from consumers and partners, our history, awards, and memberships. To build our prospects' confidence, we have to first empathize with their concerns. They may need more information about finances, home repairs, lot availability, and the process of buying. To move into a prospect's consideration set, substantially differentiate your brand. You may offer superior locations, construction plans, energy efficiency, design, or materials. Make your unique selling proposition substantive and demonstrably clear throughout your site. Did you know that 92 percent of home buying decisions are made by women? Women respond to an inspired presentation that dynamically showcases community features, ease of living, customization options, and the lifestyle experiences outside the 100 acres of your community. Finally, throughout your presentation of all of this information, offer prospects many paths to action. Provide reasons to connect with your company, and clear next steps in the process.

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