Kiosks- Profit from the Emerging Self-Service Economy

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theBDX.com 11900 Ranch Road 620 N, Austin TX 78750-1345 © 2016 Builders Digital Experience, Inc. All rights reserved. Logo: Color Logo: K/O Logo: Gray About BDX BDX is the leading online marketing provider for the homebuilding industry and for the past 13 years, we have helped thousands of builders attract more homebuyers, engage website visitors, and convert leads to sales. For more information email: info@thebdx.com, call: 1-866-651-8866, or visit: www.thebdx.com. W H I T E P A P E R | K I O S K S BEST PRACTICES FOR KIOSKS There is plenty of room for creative expression of your company's unique value proposition in every kiosk. You will be just as pleased to know that we have studied the deployment of kiosks for years in the homebuilding industry and reduced it to a near-science. We know what works, so you won't waste precious resources experimenting. Design • Keep it clean and simple by limiting functionality • Solve problems and answer questions people have today • Make it function specific to the customer journey – a kiosk is not your website • Think self-service vehicle, rather than a static computer display • Mobile, customer, design center versions all have their own unique purposes • Include all calls to action to drive conversion • Provide ample opportunity for integration of interactive content • Don't forget that marketing is storytelling • Focus on analytics and the metrics you want to measure • Use kiosks as smart signage while idle User Experience • Finger friendly design with limited or no drag functionality • Keep actions away from the edges • Make it simple, with large text, and a few actions on each screen • Design for all users • Limit input devices and typing required • Use breadcrumbs or persistent navigation to assist users • Mix simple language with obvious icons • Consider color blindness • Think about sound, including location and uses • Provide instant response • Dump search, provide obvious paths to information • Convey instructions and the ability to use as a kiosk Technology • Security & lock down • Make sure systems work on and offline • Auto session reset • Consider peripherals like speakers and printers • Custom development or SaaS platform? • Find someone that has done this before with hundreds of builder implementations

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