Kiosks- Profit from the Emerging Self-Service Economy

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Logo: Color Logo: K/O Logo: Gray W H I T E P A P E R | K I O S K S In just five years, there will be more kiosks than vending machines and one kiosk for every 3.5 ATMs in existence today. The prevalence of kiosks will begin to dominate every aspect of consumers' experience. In the home building industry, kiosks will be a standard feature in model homes, in community centers, at sales centers, in design centers, and in the field, supporting sales representatives and real estate agents. The times, they are a changin'. In the self-service economy, consumers are receiving daily demonstrations everywhere they go, proving that kiosks are the new superior method of getting information and conducting transactions. 67% of consumers now prefer a self-service application or chat box to talking with a human customer service representative. This is true of every generation including Boomers, and especially the coming-of- age Millennials. Kiosks Deliver An Optimized Experience Consumers see that kiosks are clearly faster, more knowledgeable, accurate, and reliable than their human counterparts. They exist to solve specific problems at defined points in the customer journey. Their quality of work is remarkably consistent and unaffected by mood swings, hunger pangs, and forgetfulness. Their enthusiasm for telling your story never wanes, no matter how often they tell it. Their willingness to capture prospect data never succumbs to inhibition or rejection—and they rarely get rejected. They sell your homes the way your best salesperson does on her best day. Every day. What's Driving Widespread Adoption Of Kiosks? 1. The Consumer. The consumer is experiencing the digitization of every vertical. They now expect kiosks wherever they go and assume the same basic paradigms, service levels and tools are available to them in real estate. Their experiences with kiosks in other industries have trained them to appreciate the unique combination of benefits that are available through self-service: • Convenience • High utility • 24/7 access • Control of the experience • Personalization • Emotional engagement • Time sensitivity • Transparency • Digital continuity to personal devices 2. Cost of Technology. These benefits are now most cost-effectively delivered through kiosks. Just a few years ago, the cost of hardware to deliver these benefits was cost-prohibitive. Today, homebuilders can get a complete high resolution, large touch screen computer system to use as a kiosk for just $799. Connectivity is more affordable than ever, with high bandwidth now widely available, enabling the most interactive experiences. In addition, kiosk platforms and SAS solutions allow companies to buy the technology and pay for it on a monthly basis. 3. Interface Familiarity. Nearly every consumer now owns a smartphone and many have tablets too. For years, they have learned how to interact with these touchscreen devices and to perform the various gestures that make them so rich and rewarding. Software and hardware makers have refined the experience, making it more intuitive than ever. When consumers use your kiosks today, the experience is easy, enjoyable, and trouble-free. Digital self-service stations are not just a cool, shiny technology. Case studies prove kiosks drive more sales with higher margins through exponentially more effective marketing.

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