Kiosks- Profit from the Emerging Self-Service Economy

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Logo: Color Logo: K/O Logo: Gray B D X B U I L D E R U N I V E R S I T Y W H I T E P A P E R It was 1967, the Summer of Love when John Shepherd-Barron created something remarkable that would transcend generations. No, it wasn't a child, but close. Shepherd-Barron's brainchild was the world's first automatic teller machine. It was brought to market a year after conception. His invention was more than just the first ATM; it was the first digital kioskā€”a brilliant idea that is now coming into full fruition. Not only are there 3.5 million ATMs all over the world, but digital kiosks are becoming prominent in nearly every aspect of the modern consumer's life. Self-service airport check-in stations and movie ticket machines, as well as fast food ordering, movie rental, orthotic customization, and mall navigation kiosks are part of the emerging self-service economy. Digitize Your Sales Centers with Kiosks Profit from the emerging self-service economy Kiosks are no longer just standalone digital stands with touchscreens. That is only the beginning. From here, the cus- tomer journey continues with the use of mobile applications.

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