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theBDX.com 11900 Ranch Road 620 N, Austin TX 78750-1345 © 2014 Builders Digital Experience, Inc. All rights reserved. W H I T E P A P E R | L E A D F O L L O W - U P would like to connect with you. Above all else – keep it professional! Did you know that 48% of sales agents never follow up on a lead that comes in? This is a huge missed opportunity for your sales pipeline! Can you aff ord to not engage with these potential buyers? Additionally, only 25% of sales agents will only make 2 contacts with the home shopper. If a buyer is not planning to make a purchase decision from 9 months to a year, 2 contacts is simply not going to cut it! 80% of sales are made between the 5th and 12th contact. Call and email multiple times – you will thank us later! Tracking Leads How are you keeping track of your leads? If you sell more than 50 homes a year, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a must. There are many cost eff ective CRM solutions available today such as Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Sales Simplicity, Sales 1440, Lasso, Builder Trend and SmartTouch. These systems allow you to track and nurture leads in an effi cient and organized manner. Stay "top of mind"! The average call back time is 46 hours...do you remember all of the sites you were surfi ng 2 days ago? Sales agents need to reach out to leads immedi- ately-- consider having an internet counselor; responsiveness is key! Nurturing Leads As we mentioned previously, since the buying cycle is longer, you will need to nurture the leads that come in for a much longer period of time. This means sending a steady stream of communication to your prospects to catch them when they are ready to buy. But what do you send? BDX has great content and messaging for builder clients to use from the Start Fresh. Buy New. initiative that shows why buying a new home is better than resale. It is important to highlight the benefi ts that a new construction home provides: the low cost of ownership, quality construction, energy effi ciency and better fl oor plans. Remember, your competition isn't the builder down the street, it is resale homes. Additonal ways to nurture leads throughout the sales cycle include: -Adding the prospect to your community e-newsletter -Create social media campaigns targeted to home buyers to get them to engage with your brand -Invite prospects to open houses/community events Interactive content keeps prospects engaged and builds trust in your brand. To accomplish this, use videos to tour the community, highlight company history or showcase green features. Videos don't have to be of high production quality and can even be done from your phone. A good CRM system can help you automate these nuture campaigns. Implementing some of these simple tips will keep your homes and brand at the top of your buyer's mind when they are ready to purchase.

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