5 Simple Ways To Improve New Home Listing Performance

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theBDX.com 11900 Ranch Road 620 N, Austin TX 78750-1345 © 2015 Builders Digital Experience, Inc. All rights reserved. W H I T E P A P E R | I M P R O V E Y O U R L I S T I N G S 2. Embed Video to Bring Your Homes to Life We've all seen the stats about the power of rich media and the impact video can have on consumer behavior. When it comes to showcasing your homes' features, video is powerful, dynamic and emotional. So it's no surprise that embedding video directly into your BDX listing can have a signifi cant impact. Builders with embedded video saw a 28% increase in leads and a 36% increase in click-thrus to their website. 3. & 4. Don't Forget to Feature Hot Homes and Promotions BDX gives builders the ability to highlight "Hot Homes" and promote special off ers to potential new home buyers. This is something that almost every builder can take advantage of -- and those who do have seen a signifi cant lift in their performance. Not sure what makes a "Hot Home"? Chances are there's something you can highlight. We've even put together a blog post on the topic to give you some ideas. 5. Make Sure You're Including All of Your Spec Homes Most builders have multiple spec homes, but only include one or two with their listing. It's basic math: The more spec homes you include with your listing, the higher your performance. In fact, builders with 3 or more specs saw a 19% increase in both leads and click-thrus. So don't hold back -- the more the merrier. In Summary • Include Community Images • Utilize Embedded Video • Don't Forget Your Hot Homes • Highlight Your Promotions • Upload All Of Your Spec Homes For more information email: info@thebdx.com, call: 1-866-651-8866, or visit: www.thebdx.com. Ready to improve your performance? Contact your account manager at support@thebdx.com Data Element Leads Click-Thrus Adding Community Images Embedding Videos Including Hot Homes Featuring 2 or More Promotions Having 3 or More Spec Homes/ Comm 28% 28% 17% 20% 19% 20% 36% 12% 19% 19% Better Data Improves Results

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