5 Simple Ways To Improve New Home Listing Performance

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B D X U N I V E R S I T Y One of the most common questions we receive is -- What can I do to improve the performance of my online listings? Every day we have discussions with builders about online marketing performance. From setting benchmarks to ongoing measurement, our experts can provide unique insight into a builder's online marketing. We always start the discussion with builder data -- what elements are you including with your listings and what can you add to make them even better. We recently performed some analysis on builder data across the BDX network and below are some of our fi ndings. Here are our top fi ve ways to see a lift in your leads and click-thrus. 1. Include Community Images With Your Listings Most builders include renderings or images of their homes and fl oor plans with their listing, but one of the most eff ective ways to improve performance is to include community images as well. Builders who included images of amenities like the pool, clubhouse, or golf course, saw 28% more leads and 20% more click-thrus than builders without any community images. Including these community features helps people envision themselves living in your neighborhoods and gets them one step closer to taking action. W H I T E P A P E R | I M P R O V E Y O U R L I S T I N G S 5 Simple Ways to Improve The Performance of Your Online New Home Listings By: Paul Gruber Director, Project Management of BDX

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