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SEO Search Engine Optimization—Process of improving your website to increase quantity and quality of website traffic for organic search engine results. SLA Service Level Agreement SOV Share of Voice Splash Page A single page usually displayed while additional content is being developed. SSL Secure Sockets Layer—Certificate that makes your website secure) Protocol that establishes secure channel or connection between two devices over the internet. This is the certificate that indicates that your website is secure. SSO Single Sign-On—Authentication method that only requires users to log in once for one or multiple web applications. SSP Supply Side Platform—A supply-side platform (SSP) is a software system that allows publishers to offer their available inventory to ad exchanges and demand-side platforms (DSP)s. In this context, supply side refers to the supply of advertising space, which is what the publisher is offering. SVG Scalable Vector Graphics—A type of image format that uses vector data to create the image. This is the file format that is used to power normal interactive site plans. UTM Urchin Tracking Module—Used by Google Analytics to track display campaigns once the codes are added to the landing page url. Website Personalization Rules or triggers that deliver customized content based on location, # user visits, device type, etc… XML Extensible Markup Language XML Sitemap A file that lists a website's important pages to ensure that Google can find them and search engines recognize the structure of a website. YoY Year over Year—Comparing the same time period in successive years. YTD Year to Date—A period of time between the beginning of the year and the current date. Zapier A Service that allows you to integrate data between two web applications. Frequently used to connect CRMs with forms and other 3rd parties. Digital Marketing Cheat Sheet © 2021 Builders Digital Experience. All rights reserved. OP-Cheat Sheet-0821

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