From Offline to Online: The Buyer Journey

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It's A Self Service World Buyers are looking for the least path of resistance. The home selection process can be arduous and while we mean well, any friction that gets in the way of a home shopper getting the information or answers they are looking for can send them looking elsewhere. Defined by IGI Global, self- service technology "enables individuals to produce a service without direct interaction with service providers." This exchange is great for both parties involved. Given access to the information that they are seeking, shoppers can navigate themselves right into a signed contract. The saying that 'most buyers want to buy, but hate being sold to' applies here. Creating a self-service business is easy with the right tools and technology in place. While moving every operation online at the same time can be overwhelming, there are ways to incorporate a self-service mindset into every process. We recommend a shift in mindset first and then adopting a plan to tackle every phase of the home shopper journey over time. QUICK STAT Buyers making offers site-unseen is on the rise with 45% of purchases in the past year starting with an offer on a property they hadn't seen in person, according to a recent report from Redfin. T H E G U I D E Physical Vs. Online In-Person Tour To Virtual Tour Why is Virtual Better? With virtual tours homebuyers can tour your models – both built and not built – as many times as they like. Plus, they can share tours with friends, family, and even their social networks. Guided Tour To Self-Guided Tour Why is Virtual Better? Available 24/7 a self- guided home tour allows shoppers to tour a model home when it is convenient for them. Analytics gathered from Alexa guided tours offer valuable insights that wouldn't be available with an in person tour. Voicemails To Bot Why is Virtual Better? Bots are getting smarter and after extensive testing the research shows that highly trained ai engines like BuilderBot have a higher lead conversion rate than humans. Available 24/7, BuilderBot would never send your highly engaged prospects to voicemail. Home Walkthrough To Visualizer Why is Virtual Better? Visualizer allows home shoppers to customize, save and share the home designed to their preference. It's also a powerful lead gen tool. Physical Design Center To Online Design Center Why is Virtual Better? An online design center puts the buyer in control, giving them the ability to dream, design and visualize the options in their new home. With the ability to design in pre-sales mode—buyers often convert to leads at much higher rates and when under contract T H E B U Y E R J O U R N E Y F R O M O F F L I N E T O O N L I N E B D X B U I L D E R U N I V E R S I T Y | W H I T E P A P E R © 2020 Builders Digital Experience, LLC. All rights reserved. WP-Online Visualization Tools-1020

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