From Offline to Online: The Buyer Journey

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Bridging The Online And Offline Worlds The Buyer Journey From Offline To Online Online visualization has gone from a nice-to-have to a downright necessity. Flashback to 2016, and BDX published The Home Shopping Journey Study— a ground breaking study that showed consumers were eager for builders to adopt the online visualization tools that they had become accustomed to in other industries. Fast-forward to today and an unprecedented demand for suburban single-family homes, used home shortages and a surge of out of town shoppers. These trends converged taking online visualization from vitamin to medicine in a short period of time. Builders are quickly adapting their strategy to meet the demands of remote shoppers. PRO TIP Builders who are able to create a seamless experience from online to offline will have a clear advantage. QUICK STAT Consumer attention spans are getting shorter, 8 seconds on average. Did you know that a goldfish can sustain their attention for 9 seconds? We know that today, with shrinking attention spans, consumer behaviors are changing. Large online retailers like Amazon and search giants like Google are getting really good at serving up what we want before we even know we want it. With an increasingly digital world, the building industry is being squeezed by consumer demands to get to the point. The good news is that self-service technologies are helping many builders hit the mark. It's time to put our best digital foot forward to inspire and edcuate. © 2020 Builders Digital Experience, LLC. All rights reserved. WP-Online Visualization Tools-1020 B D X B U I L D E R U N I V E R S I T Y | W H I T E P A P E R

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