3 Ways To Use Composite Renderings

November 8, 2019 BDX





Rendering artists are experts when it comes to capturing the tiniest detail of a plan that make architectural drawings come to life, complete with the emotional feeling that there is a home within the walls. In the last decade, advancements in lighting techniques and higher computing capability has allowed us to capture each and every blade of grass in a stunning display of artistry.

While the results are awe-inspiring, there are times where a photo real rendering isn’t the best choice to feature your new home plans. Composite renderings combine photography with a rendering allowing home shoppers to see an unbuilt home in the environment where the home will be constructed. Read below for our top 3 recommendations for when to use a composite rendering

#1 The Landscape Is The Main Selling Feature
When the sunrise, sunset, ocean or mountain view is the highlight of your community- a composite rendering makes sense. Being able to place the home within the landscape will help you justify those often higher price tags that come along with building on primo real estate. It will also help any out of town buyers visualize the landscape without the construction zone.

#2 The Home Is On A Lot With Distinct Qualities
Similar to our first reason, it’s often difficult for home shoppers to visualize home plans on a lot that has elevation or distinct landscaping features. Composite images can show exactly how a home sits on a lot, even taking into account the trees and landscaping that will remain.

#3 Infill Lots
Building new construction in the heart of the city? Composite renderings can showcase how your home will look set within the existing neighborhood or cityscape. This is an excellent tool for builders who are trying to clear plans past city planning committees.

These are just a few examples of when it makes sense to use composite renderings, but the sky is the limit! With drone photography and video available at very affordable prices, composite renderings are being widely used to showcase new construction masterpieces across the county. Click here to learn more about rendering solutions from BDX or reach out to us at info@thebdx.com.



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