Marketing Just Got Easier And More Organized

January 6, 2020 BDX

Marketing in any organization can often be equated to herding cats. Add in the spring selling season, expansion into new communities and the job gets near impossible without the right infrastructure in place. When things are a mess, it’s a miracle to hit a tight deadline. If you answer any of the questions below with a chuckle and a yes, then you might need a new solution to get through the 2020 selling season.

  • You spend more time chasing down images than creating the collateral that it goes on.
  • Outdated floor plans make their way on listings and you know the culprit is an old file on an employee’s desktop.
  • You’ve downloaded a stock image only to find it already saved in a different location.
  • You’ve lost access to important files and images when an employee wiped their computer before leaving the company.
  • You have trouble finding who has the most updated version of a file.
  • You don’t realize that someone is using an old asset until it’s too late.
  • You only have one person on staff that knows how to edit photos.
  • You have to wait weeks to get a file converted from a jpeg to a png.
  • You are constantly juggling your data limits on free versions of Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • You worry about protecting your images.

Does this sound familiar? The struggle is real marketers, but it doesn’t have to be! There is a way to wrangle together all of your content in one easy place that makes it easy to organize, edit and share your content without additional 3rd party software—it’s the Digital Asset Manager from BDX. All BDX graphics clients get the standard version of the Digital Asset Manager for free with their graphics orders, but upgraded versions give you additional features like being able to add ALL of your content in one place. Mobile uploads from your on-site reps? Yes. Stock images? Yes. Videos? Yes. You can add all of your content and organize it in one central location that is accessible to anyone you give access to from any device. Go ahead, make your life easier. Email us at for more information or visit


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