Interactive Content- Top 3 Lead Generators To Add To Your Website

October 25, 2019 BDX


Want to generate more leads and stronger pre-sales for your new communities? Of course you do! Interactive content is one of the best ways to engage home shoppers on your website – getting them to interact with your brand longer and increasing the chances that they will willingly hand over their contact information.

In addition to these benefits, interactive content helps home shoppers break the visualization barrier, making it much more likely that you won’t lose them to a resale home. If you aren’t quite convinced, read on to learn more about our top 3 picks and see what actual homebuyers have to say about each one!

Interactive floor plan designers

In our recent survey on friction points in the home shopping journey we learned that to no surprise, home shoppers have a very hard time visualizing space and if you are woman, reading a 2D floor plan isn’t very helpful. Home shoppers don’t just want to understand the size of a room, they want to understand what furniture they can add to the room and interactive floor plans give them the ability to add properly scaled furniture to try out different layouts in real time.  This helps them answer the big question-does this home work for my family’s needs? The floor plan designer also enables home shoppers to add in structural options, creating a custom plan that can’t be find anywhere else. The bonus: if a home shopper wants to save their configured plan they have to sign in, generating a lead!

Home Shopper Feedback on Interactive Floor Plans

“Amazing! I’d use this pre-visit to decide where to go”
(Polina, NC)

“Helps me envision the view and size of room. Makes me feel like I’m there. This makes me want to visit the house! I can see more homes with this technology and saves me time visiting homes.”
(Rachel, Sacramento)

Exterior and Interior Visualizers

Visualizers are perhaps the single best addition to the any homebuilder marketing kit. Seeing a kitchen complete with the selected backsplash tiles, countertops, and wall color selections gives home shoppers a true visual that they can become emotionally engaged with. The idea of signing a contract for the most expensive contract of your life without seeing what it looks like is often just too daunting-probably one of the reasons that resale outsells even the largest builder in the country 100:1. Consumers are just more comfortable purchasing something that they can see. Thankfully technology is on our side and exterior and interior visualizers remedy this common concern.

Home Shopper Feedback on Exterior and Interior Visualizers

“Would have been nice to understand my options and the impact – and would be fun to customize my home.” (Emily, Phoenix)

“Very important feature to have. I love this because I can change things.”

(Xochi, Austin)

Interactive Tours

Have you ever wondered why home shoppers tend to only build the model home while some of your stunning plans go unnoticed? Buyers feel comfortable selecting something that they can see. The great news is that you don’t have to be limited to the homes that you can build and furnish as models. Interactive tours can be built from your plans. We will even work with your designer to make sure that your interactive tour has the same look and feel of the home that you intend to build. Want to drive strong pre-sales on a community that isn’t open yet? You guessed it, interactive tours are your solution.

Home Shopper Feedback on Exterior and Interactive Tours

“This is perfect for me and very important. It would be a deciding factor on whether I visit the home – and I’d use after the visit as well.”
(Xochi, Austin)

“Super cool! Helps me feel the actual size of the room, the colors, the space. If I liked the home, I’d make an appointment to visit immediately!”
(Victoria, FL)

Interactive content can make a world of difference in helping home shoppers understand space and options. It’s a simple addition to any builder website or sales center that can pay dividends in additional sales. Talk to one of our experts to find out what interactive content makes sense to showcase your brand or learn more on our website.


Source:  2019 National Home Shopper Journey Research, Qualitative Interviews, N=78

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