Best Practices For Advertising Creative In The New Normal

May 31, 2020 Eleanor Bowman

We all know that consumer shopping behavior has changed over the past few months. What worked in advertising creative in mid-February is a distant memory... smart advertisers are shifting with the times and reaping the rewards. We've collected some samples of ads that are hitting the mark. Let's take a look.

BDX Premium Banners

Builders who have updated their messaging to include virtual tours or online home shopping options have seen a 20% increase in their Click-Thru-Rate over pass creatives. Let's repeat that -- a TWENTY PERCENT improvement in CTR! In addition to changing up your messaging, the BDX advertising experts recommend keeping your messaging focused and simple and making sure you are showcasing your homes in the photos. Here are some examples of builder who were quick to shift their approach.



BDX Premium Native Advertising

Ads that are in the flow of listings on NewHomeSource (aka, Premium Native Ads) are a highly effective approach for connecting with buyers. Builders that have the most success do three things. First, make sure you're including a location and a price -- this seems like a no-brainer, but is often overlooked and so very important as buyers are creating their shortlist. Second -- even in a native ad, make sure you have a very clear and specific call to action that is relevant for our new normal. Lastly, make sure you are mentioning online tools for shopping, the  availability and process for in person tours, etc... Here are some examples of native banners that are working well. Native Advertising

High performing native ads on follow many of the same best practices mentioned above: use clear and concise messaging and ctas, make sure price and location are included, describe virtual shopping tools that are available. When these practices are following and messaging is updated to mention virtual tools that are available, CTRs have increased 40% vs previous messaging. Here are some ads that exemplify this.

Are you inspired to change up your advertising strategy and find out how you can make a few changes and increase performance? Our team of experts at BDX is here to help. Email us at today to get started.

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Eleanor Bowman is currently the Director of Marketing for Builders Digital Experience (BDX). In this role, she leads the company’s B2B marketing initiatives and is passionate about helping educate home builders about the latest digital marketing and technology trends. She is a frequent contributor here on and speaks at home building events around the country on a variety of topics. Eleanor has spent over 20 years working in marketing, advertising, and public relations for companies in the technology, education, energy, and real estate industries. She is a proud Longhorn with a degree in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin.

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