The IntelliFire® App Smart Control- From Our Partners At Hearth & Home

Fireplaces just got Smarter With The IntelliFire® App.


Ten years ago, having a home with smart home technology was the exception in the same way that having a car with Bluetooth was the exception. Today, you can barely buy a car without Bluetooth technology, and having a connected home is the standard.

The largest U.S. homebuilders including Meritage, Lennar, Pulte, KB Homes, and TRI Point, among others, are incorporating smart home features in their new homes and with good reason. According to Statistica more than half (53%) of U.S. homes will have some smart technology by 2022 with 86% of millennials willing to pay more for a connected home. listed App Driven Technology as one of the 50 Most Desired Home Features in 2020, while Diahann Young, director of digital platforms at Pulte Homes says, “There’s just an expectation that you will have some kind of smart capabilities in your home today.”

Today that translates into practical and understandable control of lights, HVAC, security, entertainment, and other functions via smartphones. That includes fireplaces.  Hearth & Home Technologies offers a wi-fi control system that is compatible with voice assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for a seamless connected experience via app or voice.

The IntelliFire App system provides industry leading function and control by combining the industry leading dependability of our IntelliFire ignition system with a control designed for the way your homebuyers live. The IntelliFire App’s wi-fi platform allows you to control your fireplace from anywhere, so gone are the days of returning home to a cold dark house, and the IntelliFire App allows the fireplace to be controlled with the mere sound of your voice. Add to this redundant safety features and the ability to control features, such as temperature, lights, and fans, and the IntelliFire App really is Simple, Smart, and Safe.


Fireplaces just got smarter with the IntelliFire App.


And the best part is, that unlike some smart fireplace control systems that are only available on select products, the IntelliFire App is available on nearly all fireplaces from Heat&GloHeatilator, and Majestic – because every home deserves a smart fireplace.  

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