Website Content that Connects with Home Shoppers

Website content is about more than words and images. It’s about creating a connection with home shoppers that accelerates the buying process.

When thinking about what content to create, start with what emotion you want to trigger. BDX’s content pyramid outlines how to build on emotion and what content to leverage on your website for each.


website content that attracts home shoppers



Trust is the foundation of any relationship. And to build trust with home shoppers, builders should rely on content from other shoppers, industry experts, and third-party partners, including:

  • Customer testimonials – nothing converts buyers more than hearing from peers
  • References – just as important, buyers want to know they are working with a reputable builder
  • Awards – showcase how you’ve been recognized across your website
  • Philanthropic partnerships – being philanthropic goes far. Shoppers want to work with a company that has a heart in addition to a solid business


For home shoppers to have the confidence to move forward with your home, they need to be assured that you will address their needs from start to finish. Some website content ideas that address this include:

  • Financial – fully disclose the credit, mortgage, operating costs
  • Home ownership worries – address additional costs that may come up like maintenance or taxes
  • Assurance of timing and availability – be completely transparent on what homes are available when and how long it will take to build
  • Fear of process – provide complete step-by-step disclosure of what is required to build their new home to remove any fears


How is your website content differentiating you from the competition? Things to highlight include:

  • Construction – do you use unique materials or approach construction differently than others?
  • Plans/Design – design plans are eye candy to any home shopper and a sure way to get their attention
  • Customization – highlight where home shoppers have free reign to customize to their heart’s desire
  • Process – as we’ve said, the home building process can be challenging. Reassure shoppers that you have a defined process and will hold their hand every step of the way.
  • Value/Service – This is an ideal place to put a spotlight on happy customers and testimonials

Presentation & Inspiration

So many other factors influence the home a buyer is going to purchase. What types of website content are you creating to inspire shoppers? Ideas include:  

  • Experience of ownership – allow a shopper to immerse themselves in your home or community and feel what it’s like to own a home
  • Community features, amenities, lot sizes, and taxes – showcase the features and amenities that come with your communities
  • Plan options, customization, storage, and ease of living – no matter their needs, help people understand they can find a home that is perfect for them
  • Outside the 100 acres – help people understand the character of the community and neighborhood, i.e., lots of young children and other features like local schools, restaurants, etc.

Path to Action

Building a home is a complex process that can easily overwhelm home shoppers, especially first-time ones. Here are some content ideas to help ease their mind and accelerate the process:

  • Outline the steps/process – this may be a significant undertaking upfront, but in the long run can remove many questions for home buyers and, as a result, reduce the time required to address them by your team
  • Offer multiple connection opportunities – in addition to traditional means of communication, does your website offer instant chatbots or other ways to ask questions directly?
  • Simplify your lead form with minimal fields – don’t make people jump through hurdles to start the process. You’ll have plenty of time to get more information later.

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